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Warm Potato Salad with Crispy Bacon and Stone Ground Mustard


To me, potato salad has always been synonymous with memories of summer BBQ, warm nights, and good times with friends. Summer seems literally ages away, considering I am currently looking out the window at a blizzard. I want a little taste of summer! Deconstructed potato salad, ahoy! Cook off a coveted package of Rainshadow bacon

Cattle update

2018-03-21T22:19:19-08:00The Farm|

Tall and I drove our cattle four miles to the top of Jeff's ranch in Monument, Oregon, where they'll spend the summer. This is a new place for us.  Since we only have 60 acres for the cows at the home farm,  it's really only good for winter and calving. We have to use leased

Every bite Matters

2018-03-21T04:55:54-08:00The Farm|

Food is a daily essential of our lives.  We all make decisions about what to eat.  These decisions implicate us in the real cost of that food; socially, environmentally, and economically.  Not to mention, our choices impact our health, slowly, for better or worse, with every bite.  When we walk into a grocery store we

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