Central Oregon Food Policy Council

Central Oregon Food Policy Council Mission and Vision

“To lead the effort to achieve a sustainable and just food system in Central Oregon and to secure the future of the local food system in Central Oregon.”

They do this through working to provide Healthy Access to food, driving public policy, and networking and education.

Central Oregon Locavore

Central Oregon Locavore Online Farmers’ Market, LLC is passionately dedicated to bringing fresh and sustainably produced local foods to the communities within Central Oregon while simultaneously creating a thriving local economy, vibrant health and a brighter future for the consumer, the producer and for the Earth. We promote local community solutions to global environmental issues.

Becoming a Locavore (or rather, a “Mostly-Locavore” when you live in Central Oregon) may sound like a daunting task, but it is a noble and rewarding one.  There are myriad of benefits to eating and buying local goods:

  • Supporting farmers who grow for taste, diversity, & healthfulness vs. transportation durability & uniformity
  • Creating local jobs vs supporting large corporate systems
  • Enhanced nutrition vs. mineral/vitamin deficiencies
  • Robust, ever-changing flavors vs. blandness & consistency
  • Sustainable farming practices & soil-rehabilitation vs. pollution & soil degradation