Market Buck Sales Are Open!

Market Bucks can be spent at our Farm Store or anywhere we are set up: Downtown Bend Farmers Market, Craft Fairs, Fill Your Pantry, etc.

Concentrate on getting what you want while still trying some new items. 

Market Bucks ($500)

A $500 up-front payment that will get you $550 “Market Bucks.” You can spend your Market Bucks on anything you want: meats, grains, and vegetables on the public side of the farmer’s market tent at the Wednesday Bend Farmers Market or those things, plus pickles, jams, and lunch at the Farm Store. This option helps us financially in our early season when we need your commitment the most plus it makes things much more flexible for you: buy what you want when you want.

Please note that Market bucks must be spent by the end of the year you purchased them. They do not roll over into the next season.

Buy Market Bucks Now!