Market Buck Are Still Available!

Market Bucks can be spent at our Farm Store or anywhere we are set up: Downtown Bend Farmers Market, Craft Fairs, Fill Your Pantry, etc.

Concentrate on getting what you want while still trying some new items. 

Market Bucks ($500)

A $500 up-front payment that will get you $550 “Market Bucks.” You can spend your Market Bucks on anything you want that we grow or produce – meats, grains, vegetables, pickles & preserves, broth & lard. You can use your Market Bucks at our Wednesday Bend Farmers Market farm stand, our Farm Store, or anywhere else we are set up. This is a very flexible way for you to support our farm and secure our produce and other food: buy what you want when you want.

Please note that Market bucks must be spent 12 months from the date of purchase and you can re-up anytime!