Your share will include dozens of vegetable varieties throughout the summer.  We grow 48 different kinds of vegetables and 231 different varieties of those vegetables.  All of our vegetables are certified organic, many are heirloom varieties, filling your kitchen with color and variety.

In the beginning of June when the season begins you will find cool season crops like greens, carrots, beets, lettuce, thyme, kale, broccoli, and snap peas.  As the garden matures you will find things like beans, basil, dill, tomatoes, new potatoes, cucumbers, and cabbage.  In the plentiful days of late summer you will find squash, melons, eggplants, mint, and parsnips.  We try our best to include a fresh herb each week to use fresh or dry for later.  We also try to always include dark leafy greens, which are the most nutrient packed food that we offer.  We also try to include lettuce weekly, because everyone loves summer salads.

Every summer in Central Oregon is different in the garden.  Some years things ripen early, some years there are complete failures of some varieties.  We strive to plant a wide variety at different intervals to insure success.  In a land of zero frost free days and searing heat we can’t wait for you to behold the fruits of our bounty.

Also, as part of your membership you will get a weekly farm update with recipes that will be posted here on the website blog.  This will include introductions to new vegetables, information about storage and use, and new recipes!  Recipes will be our favorites, tasty, easy to prepare, and tested right here on the farm.

You are expected to bring your own re-usable bag or box to collect your vegetables. Veggies will be rinsed, but you will need to clean them thoroughly before eating.  Veggies may have some dirt on them or be imperfect, because some vegetables come with natural preservatives and repellents on their skins and we hate to remove those until you are ready to use them.  This is all part of the organic farm and the veggies will surely be a delight in your kitchen.

When you buy a SUMMER CSA share at Rainshadow Organics, you can choose to collect your food weekly in Bend: June through October, your food will be available at the downtown farmers market on Wednesdays from 3-6pm When you buy a WINTER CSA share, your food will be delivered the first Wednesday of the month between November and May.  You can pick up outside Melvin’s Market in Sisters at 2:30pm, Centennial Park in Redmond at 3:30pm and in the Market of Choice parking lot in Bend from 4:30-5:30pm.

CSA Options


This share will include 6-8 different things each week, including an herb to use fresh or dry for later.  It will generally fit into a paper grocery bag, although we recommend bringing several bags so as not to smash the veggies.  This share is meant for singles or couples who do not eat too many veggies.  Many couples prefer the large share and do some preservation for winter so that you can eat the very best food year-round.

This share will include 8-10 different things each week, including an herb to use fresh or dry for later.  It will generally fit into two paper grocery bags, although I recommend bringing several bags so as not to smash the veggies.  This share is meant for families or couples who eat a lot of veggies and put some food by for winter.

This option is meant for members who would like to make the very important commitment to the farm, while maintaining flexibility.  You can use your market bucks at any farmer’s markets we go to, any week throughout the summer.  You have access to all the vegetables, meats and grains on the market table. You get 10% more Market Bucks for your money, which is recorded in a binder at the cash register and deducted from, as you shop throughout the summer.
**These expire at the end of the farmer’s market season.

This is where our members get to eat like farmers!!  You will receive either a small or large vegetable share along with a small (5 pound) or large (10 pound) meat pack, and a bag of fresh milled flour (buckwheat is our gluten free option) or wheat berries.  Vegetables are delivered weekly and meat is delivered every other week.  Your meat will include mixed cuts of pork, beef, and chicken.


This is our extra-special winter option that is delivered once a month and includes winter greens, stored potatoes, onions, garlic, and winter squash, 10 pounds of mixed meats including whole chickens, mixed cuts of pork and beef, fresh ground flour from our home grown organic wheat, and wheat berries.