We would like to thank our CSA members for their commitment to our farm.  Here are many of them with our bumper crop of Boston Marrow winter squash.  This has been a wonderful growing season for most things and we get so much joy in sharing the abundance with our community.  These people load up what the land and the season has to offer each week with enthusiasm and curiosity.  They aren’t afraid of food!  They try all sorts of new things from lovage to endive to chicken feet, to gargantuan squash.  They peer into their bags, “Is there anything in here that I won’t recognize when I get home?”  As the season pushes on they are less and less flappable.  Not that everything is a mystery, sometimes its just the sheer quantity.  They shoot for an empty refrigerator Wednesday morning so they can fill up with farm veggies.  They use this as a starting point to plan their week’s meals.  They let the food guide them to new recipes and ideas on their culinary adventure.  These people are our stars!  Thank you!

At Rainshadow, we are transitioning all 15 of our greenhouses into winter greens. We are filling our cellars with carrots, beets, potatoes, garlic, onions, dry corn, parsnips, celeriac, winter squash, and more! We’re harvesting plump, pasture raised pork, beef, and poultry. The larders are extensive! Get your hands on a share of this Central Oregon bounty. Enhance your culinary life with some hardy, nutrient-dense foods. Our winter share is delivered to Sisters, Redmond, and Bend on the first Wednesday from November thru May. Each month, the box includes veggies consisting of mixed roots and greens as well as 10 pounds of mixed pork, beef, and chicken.