“When Alex and I were looking for venues, we knew it was important for us to bring our families to central Oregon.
After touring Rainshadow, we felt right at home. We loved the farm-to-table menu! Being so close to Smith Rock and the Three Sisters was also a big plus. Once we found out that the setting would include dinner in the garden, surrounded by the very plants that we were eating, we were sold!
We had our rehearsal dinner on the porch with our bridal party, and parents. It was so intimate, and delicious. We loved showing off our venue! Everything farm to table, the flowers grown right there, and all the employees were so knowledgeable and fun to interact with!
The ceremony arch was decorated with Rainshadow flowers, and it was gorgeous! The dinner was set up with the most beautiful and simple settings, making the farm vibe really shine through. The family style serving, and seating arrangements, made our event feel so intimate, and made everyone feel like family.
Whenever we talk to friends and family who attended, everyone makes sure to tell us how much fun they had, how delicious the food was, how lovely the atmosphere was, and how happy they are for us!!” —Nicole