Roast Chicken and Root Vegetable Fried Rice with Avocado

I’m basically a fried rice junkie. Any day, anytime, anywhere, I’m in. It makes great leftovers, and It is so economical to make. Huge batches of gloriousness are perfect for getting you through a busy week, and it is a great way to clean out your fridge. It is so tasty with literally any amount of anything I have ever lobbed into the pan. Don’t worry about measuring anything (except when making the rice…that can get weird. haha)

This particular fried rice comes from the large amount of celariac, parsnip, and carrot popping up in the CSA. Dice all those things along with cellar onions and garlic. Cook them down all together with a little fat of choice. I like sesame oil. Slow cook a whole chicken in a crock pot or pressure cooker and pick off all the meat. Discard the carcass. Cook white or brown rice in the remaining chicken juices. Scramble some eggs. Toss all the components together with soy sauce or tamari. Serve with avocado and scallion. Boom. Perfection.