Join our Farm Staff and Chef Nic Maraziti of Spaghetti Western on the Farm Store deck for a true Farm-to-Table experience. Our take on Easter dinner will be a culinary adventure featuring certified organic vegetables exclusively from Rainshadow paired with our pastured, chemical free and GMO-free meats.

If you have been looking for a special date night, a way to express gratitude to a friend or colleague, or are looking for an excuse to treat yourself, this April 15 dinner is the event you have been looking for.


Carta di musica with tartare, grains, and beets
Parsnip soup with fried alliums and brown butter
Spring roots salad with pistachio and a citrus gremolata
Beet ravioli in a parmigiano broth and lovage oil
Roasted pork with a bean and kale ragu
Carrot cake with a whipped ricotta frosting

We highly recommend adding on a wine-pairing to complement the meal stages.

This plated meal will be served on our walled and heated deck. Be prepared to sit with new friends and mingle with community members.

Dinner will be $114 per person ($95 for the meal plus a 20% gratuity). We will offer a cash bar with our hand selected wine, beer, and hard cider menu. Corkage fee is $20/bottle if you choose to bring your own.

We hope you can join us to experience our Farm-to-Table kitchen.