Rainshadow Organics is a Full Diet farm. With intention we raise an array of certified organic vegetables; wheat, corn, and buckwheat crops; chickens, pigs, and cows. Our goal is to provide Central Oregon with a full diet grocery store full of our locally grown vegetables, products processed on site, and other opportunities for locally grown and created goods to round out your shopping experience. 

Everyone that lives and works at Rainshadow eats exclusively from the farm. Every day we are cooking, baking, and experimenting in the kitchen. Eating locally and seasonally can be challenging. It is a major shift away from conventional grocery stores. We strive to provide our Full Diet members with inspiration and recipes to achieve success in the kitchen with Rainshadow ingredients. We will work to guide and teach you through your seasonal eating and cooking experience.

When you join this unique CSA, we at Rainshadow are committing to help you achieve wellness through food. We understand the desire to eat well. We’ve made it our life’s work to grow food you can trust.

This CSA is a culinary adventure! You are provided with the full story of everything in your diet as well as an opportunity to make a positive impact on the planet. We’ll provide the ingredients you need for a well-rounded, sustainable diet. 


Our Full-Diet shares are sold by the household.

$75 for the first/only household member

$65 for the 2nd household member

$60 for the 3rd household member

$55 for the 4th household member

$50 for the 5th+ household member

*Children under 3 years eat free; children 3-5 1/2 off for a half share*



CSA Pick-up is weekly at our Farm Store. Our store hours vary by season: June-October we are open Thursday, 11-3, Friday, 11-5, Saturday, 11-3, Sunday, 12-2; November-May we are open Fridays, 10-5, and Saturdays, 10-3. You will decide which day works best for you to come out and shop at the Farm Store.

We can take SNAP benefits as well as cash, check, or credit card in payment for the Full Diet CSA. Payments will be made at the Farm Store at pick up.


Veggies & Herbs

Your weekly share of vegetables and herbs varies with the season and the needs of your family. You will also have access to extra vegetables for canning and storing when in season and surplus. Everything will be harvested in advance of your pick up at our Farm Store. Our farm is veggie forward, and we hope your meals can be veggie forward as well!


This includes a balance of whole chickens, a turkey at Thanksgiving, and various cuts of pork and beef. The allotted amount of meat per family per week varies by how many people are in your household. We encourage whole animal eating and will help you learn the different cuts of meat as well as make sure you try everything!

Raw Milk

Our Full Diet members have an exclusive share of our dairy cows. As members of the Full Diet CSA you will be required to sign our Herd Share Contract. Your share includes a 1/2 gallon of raw milk per person per week when milk is in season. Our raw milk is also good for making yogurt and cheese.

Whole Grains & Flours

Unlimited access to our soft white winter wheat, hard white winter wheat, and hard red spring wheat flours and wheat berries. We also have corn flour, buckwheat flour, Tibetan Black barley (rolled and whole), and beans and *new this year* lentils when in season. All our grains are grown on site and are Certified Organic. Our flour is milled on site approximately every 2 weeks for maximum freshness.


We offer eggs to our Full Diet members first. 6 eggs per person per week when eggs are in season.


On the 1st pick up of every month we will provide your household with 1 pint of honey per person.

All edible goods in the store are 25% off for Full Diet Members.

If you come to each pick up of the previous month, you will get 30% off the first pick up of the month.



Community Supported Agriculture (CSA) is a way for you to make an investment in our farm and in return be provided with the bounty we grow. Our Full Diet CSA is a 12 month weekly commitment to our farm.

Sign ups are happening now, but the CSA doesn’t start until July, 2022.

Please visit our Community Supported Agriculture page to learn more about all of our CSA programs.