We raise a hard red spring wheat and soft white fall wheat that we grind into flour with a granite stone mill.  Both are heirloom grain varieties that are high in protein and low in gluten. The hard red fife is a great sourdough bread flour, with a complex nutty flavor. The soft white is more of a pastry flour and perfect for pie crusts, cookies, and muffins. We often use a blend of the two wheats, especially for our pizza dough and biscuits.

We sell our flour in 2 pound bags for $5. You can also purchase the wheat berries for $4. We mill regularly and encourage you to use your flour within a few weeks for maximum nutrients.  It has a much longer shelf-life when refrigerated.

Tall and Sarahlee
Red Chicken
Tall with Eggs

Farm Fresh Eggs

Our hens live in the Rainshadow Roost, a “tractor” that moves around the farm.  First thing in the morning, they jump out and graze on our grasses, pastures, and garden beds.  They scratch for little bugs, seeds, and other goodies.  They also receive a special blend diet for layers, that does not include any Genetically Modified (GMO) corn or soy.  Our eggs are reserved for members of our Full Diet CSA only. If we have extras (usually on March-June) we will sell them in our Farm Store or at our Farmers Market stand at the Wednesday Bend Farmers Market.


We grow mixed wild and cut flowers through the summer months.  We have early lupines, tulips, daffodils, and poppies in June and move into cone flowers, sun flowers, zinnias, gladiolas, mums, blackeyed susans, calendula, sweet williams, hollyhox, flax, and many others.  We also have wild foliage to fill out your local desert bouquets with things like sage, grasses, willow, and rabbit brush.



A memoir by Sarahlee Lawrence


Farmer, Sarahlee Lawrence, sells her memoir River House at farmers market and upon request for $15.