Summer Hours begin May 29!

May 29 – October 15, the Farm Store will be open to the public 4 days a week:

Wednesday, 11-3

Thursday, 11-3

Friday, 11-5

Saturday, 9-3

Stop by to purchase certified organic seasonal veggies, flours, and grains, and preserved goods all grown, raised, and processed here on the farm. We also have our grass fed, pastured GMO & Chemical free Pitchfork T beef for sale frozen by the cut and pastured, organic eggs by the dozen when in season and available.

Vegetables in Early Spring


Salad Turnips



Asian Greens

Huckleberry Gold Potatoes


Red Beets (storage)

Carrots (storage)

Celeriac (storage)

Daikon Radish (storage)

Lorz Garlic (storage)

Protein (year round)

Rainshadow Pork: frozen & by the cut:


chops (boneless & bone-in)

Shoulder Arm Roast

Shoulder Steak

Spare Ribs

Ground Pork (by the pound): plain, hot Italian, sweet Italian, Chorizo, Breakfast Sausage

Sausage Links (packages of 4 links): Sweet Italian, Hot Italian, Breakfast Sausage, Bratwurst


Ham: whole roast

Ham: sliced


Beef Broth

Chicken Broth

Pork Lard

Beef Tallow (when available)

Eggs (when available)

Pitchfork T Beef: frozen & by the cut:

Ground Beef (by the pound)

Tenderloin Steak

Ribeye (boneless) & Rib Steak (bone-in)

New York Strip (boneless)

Top Sirloin Steak

Flat Iron Steak

Skirt Steak

Flank Steak

Sirloin Tip Steak

Cube Steak

Chuck Roast/Rump Roast/Top Round Roast

Brisket (whole & half)


Short and Korean Short Ribs

Stew Meat

Beef liver, tongue, heart

Grains, Preserves, Pantry Items


Hard Red Flour

Soft White Flour

Corn Flour

Buckwheat Flour

Tibetan Black Barley (whole)

Wheat Berries (whole)

Dry Beans

Preserves & Ferments

Pickles including cucumbers, peppers, kohlrabi, beets, and many more

Apple Sauce

Grape Syrup

Tomato Sauce

Tomatillo Salsa


Pantry Items



Lemon/Lime Juice

Baking Goods (chocolate chips, vanilla)

Vinegars: balsamic, rice, red & white wine

Oils: olive, sesame

Crackers & Chips



Dried fruit & nuts

Want to join us for Brunch or  Dinner? 

Check our Events Calendar to find dates and if we have available tickets. We hold our Farm-to-Table Experiences year round and all our events are ticketed and must be reserved in advance.