Who We Are

Rainshadow Organics is a full-diet farm with dozens of varieties of certified organic vegetables, herbs, berries, flowers, pork, chicken, eggs, turkey, beef, and grains on 200 acres. Rainshadow organics is a particularly diverse farm, with accompanying culinary hospitality, on a mission to promote widespread regenerative farming and eating. 

We are located 15 miles northeast of Sisters and 10 miles west of Terrebonne in Central Oregon. The farm is family-owned and operated and we have been here since the early 1970s. Sarahlee Lawrence grew up on the land and started Rainshadow in 2010.

Spring Garden
Sunset at the Farm

What We Believe

At the core of Rainshadow is the understanding that the health and integrity of land and soil are the key ingredients that enable us to produce nutrient-dense foods to nourish our bodies and community. Our agricultural practice is rooted in a regenerative model that enriches the soil for the growth of heirloom vegetables and heritage breeds that are adapted to our harsh high desert climate. We also have a passive four-season greenhouse for winter and early starts and twelve larger season-extending hoop houses or high tunnels.  We are certified organic and use only sustainable practices, with no chemical pesticides, fertilizers, or herbicides.

Our Approach to Agriculture

Our soil fertility is built with our composted horse manure.  We also employ our chickens and an army of worms who supply castings for worm tea that we inject into our irrigation system.  We foster an intricate ecosystem with companion planting, nutrient cycles, flowers, bees, riparian areas, crop rotation, and undisturbed native desert.  We pride ourselves on looping our nutrients and resources into our community and back to our land.

All of the crops we grow are distributed within 50 miles of the farm through CSA programs, local restaurants, and grocery stores, farmer’s markets, and our own Farm Store which opened in 2017.  We are proud to provide our community with locally grown food that is good for the people and our land.

Sarahlee with Broccoli
Sunset at the Farm

Why Choose Rainshadow

The importance of locally grown farm-fresh foods is paramount to solving the problems currently facing human health, regional food security, local economics, and the environmental conservation of a shifting global climate. 

By making the decision to have a more intimate relationship with the source of your food, you immediately make an impact on the health of your body through a more nutrient-rich diet. Locally sourced foods also contribute to the underlying health of your community by supporting small farms that play a large role in carbon sequestration, securing generational food production, and strengthening local economies. 

From our farm to your table, and every step in between, we give our total commitment to producing organic crops that are grown with the highest quality of care and attention.

-Sarahlee & Ashanti