We have Winter CSAs for sale! Use your SNAP benefits and receive a $100 scholarship from Double Up Food Bucks.

At Rainshadow Organics we believe that everyone deserves access to local, nutrient dense food. We are partnering with Pacific Northwest CSA Coalition to make using your SNAP Benefits as easy as possible. And you can stretch your food dollar even further with Double Up Food Bucks!*

You can pay for your CSA share monthly with your Oregon Trail Card food benefits. For our Winter CSA you will get $100 of Double Up Food Bucks off the cost of the share – making it even more affordable.

Please reach out if you have any questions! We are committed to making our food accessible and want to work with you to make this work. (Email: info@rainshadoworganics.com)

(*What are Double Up Food Bucks? This is a program that “matches” SNAP benefits up to $100 for use toward a winter CSA purchase. Essentially free money that can only be used on a CSA purchase.)

Our 7-month monthly Winter CSA runs November-May. We deliver on the first Thursday of the month to Sisters and Bend in the afternoon/evening or you can pick up at the Farm Store Friday and Saturday after the first Thursday. Each share consists of a crate of mixed storage and fresh vegetables and 10 lbs of meat. Visit our the Winter CSA page for pricing and details.

How much would my CSA cost?

Winter CSA using SNAP & DUFB

Winter Meat & Vegetable CSA: Veggie and meat shares will include 10 pounds of our pastured, GMO and chemical free meats include whole chickens, and variety pork and beef cuts. and a full crate of fresh and storage winter vegetables such as Asian greens, kale, chard, green onions, cabbage, and leeks and a variety of storage root crops (Viking potatoes, onions, garlic, carrots, parsnips, sweet potatoes, beets, winter squash, daikon radish, and celery root/celeriac.) Original price, $1183, minus Double Up Food Bucks benefit applied, $$1083. Divided into 7 monthly payments (November-May): $154.71/month deducted from your SNAP card on the day your benefits are loaded.* Your first month will be taken in October as a deposit. Then you will be charge monthly November-April.

(*There will be an additional $10 processing fee added to your first month only.)

How Do I sign Up?

Step 1: Learn what your monthly benefits are and what your CSA budget is.

Step 2: Visit our Winter CSA page to check out your options.

Step 3: Follow the links to purchase your Winter CSA. No money will be exchanged, but this is how you reserve your spot. (Write SNAP in the notes section during your purchase and we will reach out about final costs and if you got it.)

Step 4: Wait for us and PNW CSA Coalition to reach out with additional instructions and totals. This will include 7 waivers to sign so PNW CSA Coalition can run your Oregon Trail Card monthly on your dispersal date.

Step 5: Enjoy your CSA starting November 3!