Why Rainshadow Events?

This year at Rainshadow Organics, we are looking to deeply inspire and connect our community through food. We are driving Central Oregon on a pursuit of intimacy with the food we raise. With the new presence of our Farm to Table chef, Travis Taylor, and our growing Farm Store and Restaurant, we are experiencing growth and connection to the magic of our food in a whole new way.

Our mission in 2020 is to bring our community back to the table, through shared meals, conversation, and a deep-rooted connection with our food. We’re striving to expose the whole story of our food, from the time it took root in the soil, to the moment it touched the plate. This story is one everyone can participate in. We all need to eat, so let’s strive to cherish those moments each and every day, fueling us into our passions and driving us through our daily lives. We want to leverage all elements of Rainshadow food into our community through shared meals at the table. The story of our food is meant to inspire and to create new stories along the way.

We want each and everyone of you to have a place at our table, so this season as a CSA early-bird special we are offering 50% off two brunch tickets! Any CSA member who secures their membership BEFORE National CSA Day on Thursday, February 28th will receive this special brunch offering! We hope that the CSA members who attend a Sunday Brunch will leave feeling nourished in both the mind and the body. Our brunches offer a way to experience inspiration with Rainshadow food in a new way. Our chef and our farm to table meal offerings are meant to leverage our ingredients and the story of our food into the community to empower, inspire, and nourish.

Each week, Chef Taylor is finding new ways to incorporate different elements of our farm into culinary masterpieces. Many of the recipes and techniques he uses with our ingredients can be used at home. You can find these recipes and more at our website and on our Facebook page. We hope his work in the kitchen will empower our CSA members to try new recipes, cook more meals, and be adventurous with our ingredients.

Throughout this entire year we will be hosting a multitude of events at the farm. These will include Sunday Brunches, and daily lunch specials, Wood-fired Pizza Saturdays, to our traditional community Longtable Dinners we are hoping to provide a culinary experience for every community member to enjoy. We hope you’ll join us on this mission in 2020. Bring your family, friends, and community members back to the table and feel the inspiration come from local ingredients.

We hope you’ll choose to join us through this farm to table journey we’re on! Click the link below to secure your membership as a 2020 Summer CSA member and we will send you a promo code for 50% off two brunch tickets!