CSA Newsletter – 7/1/20

What a nice cool, breezy day for harvest! This week has been milder than last week. Our crew is thanking the Central Oregon breeze for cooling them down during field days. This week we have another diverse array of veggies for you to choose from. So many summer veggies are coming on strong. We’ll definitely have salad mix for you all, so don’t forget your containers! We also have so many tasty herbs, so don’t forget to grab one as a part of your share.

This is a meat week, so be ready for some awesome pastured pork and beef!

This week we will be using a different system for our “market style” CSA pickup. When you arrive at the market, we will be displaying ALL of our veggies available for sale and for CSA on two veggie racks under our tents. We will be blocking off our racking using twine and not allowing any of our members or shoppers to touch any of our products. When you arrive we will have a hand washing station where you will wash your hands and check in with Sarahlee. She will hand you your meat CSA. Then you will hold your bags open for her and she will load them with our foundational items and the extra items of your choosing. She will load your salad mix containers first, so have that ready for her! Please note that this process will TAKE TIME. We will not hand out any veggies before 2:00pm. You will need to wait in line for your turn to collect your CSA. Look for the tape on the ground and read all signage around our booth. Remember that you can pickup your share anytime between 2 and 6pm. We will always have fresh veggies through the whole pickup time, so no need to rush your way down to market!

Will remain the same. However, masks are now REQUIRED in our Farm Store per the Governors new order. Please wear a mask.

One herb we’ve included in our CSA choices over the past few weeks is Tulsi Basil. It is also known as Holy or Sacred Basil. It is such a special, flavorful, and medicinal herb! We are lucky to be able to grow it here in Central Oregon.

Our farm crew recommends to dry it our and steep it in tea.

Tulsi Basil is an adaptogen. This means that it aids in managing outside stress impacts on the body. Ultimately it will help you cope with stress and promote mental balance.

I When steeped in tea is has a warming and energetic quality. It can help reduce fatigue and is caffeine-free. With it’s high nutritional value and amazing flavor, we hope you’ll choose to enjoy it as a part of your share! We will also have some more classic basil available: thai and italian.


YOU are the first ones to hear about our winter CSA program opening up for members. This winter we are able to feed 80 community members! On Saturday we will be opening up our CSA program to our long summer CSA wait list to give them the opportunity to join us for the winter season. Follow the link below to learn more about our winter CSA program and to join! We’ve already had 15 members join us for the winter!

We are hosting two more yoga classes on July 12th and August 2nd! The weather is looking lovely, and we’ll be soaking in the sunshine while we center ourselves and stretch our bodies.

25% of the proceeds will be donated to Soul Fire Farm, an organization devoted to helping end racial injustices and disparities in the food system. We hope our Rainshadow community can contribute to food access and securtiy in all ways beyond Central Oregon.

Pre-regestration is required for this class, follow the link below to sign up!

Brunch is BACK. We are hosting our first plated brunch this weekend! Chef Travis will be back in action, whizzing up his brunch magic in the kitchen. If you signed up for the summer CSA early enough, you were sent a coupon code for 50% off two brunch tickets, now is an awesome time to use it! We’ll be seating all parties 6 feet apart and plating the whole meal, no more family style 🙁

Check out our event calendar for our upcoming brunch dates.

Thank you ALL for being amazing during this crazy summer, we appreciate YOU!

Rainshadow Organics Crew