Thank you all so much for your commitment to local food and for choosing to eat ours.  We appreciate you so much.  It is such an honor to grow your food!

Thank you also for showing up to get your food and for communicating any changes on your end.  Very helpful!

While we can’t give you an exact list of what’s in your CSA box or at market each week, I can give you an idea of what to look for this time of year…
  • arugula
  • kale
  • chard
  • beets
  • Purple Mountain spinach- raw or cooked
  • kohlrabi
  • peppers- spicy and bell for spicing things up
  • squash
  • basil
  • potatoes
  • carrots- eat these tops, too! in a stew, or in pesto..
  • lettuce
  • asian greens- to saute every bit of
  • dill
  • cucumber
  • spring garlic – eat the bulb and shaft all the way to the flower
  • mint
  • green onions
  • cilantro
  • tomatillos- eaten raw, roasted, in salsa..
  • sage
  • fennel
  • tarragon
  • hakurei turnip- for eating raw and cooking the greens
  • anything flowering you can call rapini and dice it up raw for toppings

We’ll be including wheat berries for everyone to try and I hope you have enjoyed the goat cheese tease.  You can add goat cheese to your CSA here.  We package it in jars so stays nice and moist.

For a little meal inspiration, I’ll tell you what I just cooked (finally eating at 11:30pm after a long day of harvesting chickens, tractor time, etc…)

  1. I threw my wheat berries in a crock pot for 3 hours as my base. Then I cooked my shoulder steaks medium rare (8 min per side ish)  with a rub of simply salt and pepper… and then sliced it up.  I threw it, and the bone I cut it off back in my pan, added canned tomato sauce from last year, frozen peaches and strawberries and peppers from last year (put up your food as it comes so you don’t get bored and hungry this time of year if you’re eating 90% from your farm)
  2. Then I tore up about a bunch of kale and packed it in on top.
  3. Touch of salt, pepper, and balsamic…
  4. Covered… simmered… stirred.
  5. Threw it over the wheat berries… Lets call it Farro just to feel decadent.
  6. And BAM- tasty business with a bit of goat cheese on top.

Our next longtable dinner July 18 at 6pm is right around the bend! These events are a great way to meet your food up close and taste the best of seasonal produce in Central Oregon. Signup and BYOB here.