First 2022-2023 Winter CSA


News from the Farm This past couple weeks has been big. We finished our storage crop harvest, hosted Customer Appreciation Day, tidied everything up, and ... STARTED PLANTING 2023 CROPS! Can you believe it! The cycle continues. A couple weeks ago we seeded our Red Fife Hard Red Wheat which we

The winter stores are in!

2022-11-07T09:14:14-08:00The Farm|

This means that we have been BUSY! While many other farmers start to slow down and their operations begin to ease up, we have been doing exactly the opposite: kicking it into high gear, doubling up on our efficiencies and what the harvest list are for the day, and, generally, trying to get twice

Frost and the Cellar

2018-10-25T00:17:50-08:00The Farm|

As these clear October nights dip into the teens, the team at Rainshadow Organics hustles to put food up for winter.  They have pickled, sauced, jammed, and fermented since mid-July.  Their farm store shelves are full from floor to ceiling. The pastured pork, beef, and chicken fills the freezers.  The wheat, corn, and

Customer Appreciation Day Saturday, October 20th 11am-3pm

2018-10-12T00:20:23-08:00Featured, The Farm|

Join us on Saturday, October 20th from 11am-3pm for our annual fall celebration and Customer Appreciation Day. Activities include: -Gleaning from our big field (bring your own shovel and bins/bags for pumpkins and other veggies) -Farm tours at 12pm and 2pm -Stocking your pantry for winter at the Farm Store - including discounted boxes of

Freshest CSA

2018-09-03T20:57:56-08:00The Farm|

I just wanted to take a second to appreciate the freshness of Rainshadow Organics CSA produce. How many times have you bought produce at the grocery store and put in the fridge. Then two days later, it's totally limp, lifeless, and losing nutrition by the minute. I, like most people, have shoved some

Rainshadow Organics Launches Cooking Class Series this Summer

2018-07-27T21:59:06-08:00From the Kitchen|

Rainshadow Organics, a full-diet organic farm in Central Oregon, is starting cooking classes at their Farm Store and Commercial Kitchen this summer.  The first class is Saturday, June 9th - Fresh from the Farm. Participants will cook a three course meal using ingredients they harvest at the farm. They will learn knife skills, incorporating edible flowers and herbs into cooking, and building meals with local

Workplace CSA

2018-05-18T16:51:47-08:00The Farm|

Workplace CSA is a project of High Desert Food and Farm Alliance with funding provided by Oregon Department of Agriculture Specialty Crop Block Grant. For the 2018 growing season Rainshadow Organics is offering to deliver veggie and/or meat shares to Deschutes County offices. Rainshadow Organics has been an active farm in Central Oregon for

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