Spring greens everywhere!


Everything is happening! What a joy! But also, wow! This is the moment where you step back and look at the year and say thanks for those slow, thoughtful winter moments. That time is fading into the rearview already! Because now the weeds are growing, plants need starting and transplanting and tending, hoops need

Eat where you live


Eat where you live – hyper local and organic – as intimate as food can be Earth Day is an opportunity to contemplate how your actions support the earth: the atmosphere, the land, the animals, all of it. For us on the Farm, we like to think that our very being is in support

Month of Love and Babies


photo credit: Alison Holland Baby Peas and baby chicks as big as your hand. The month of love and...babies Something about that just does make sense, even if the timing is a bit off ;) We are at the tipping point. Calves are being born. Momma pigs are swelling up.

Two Winters


photo credit: Melissa Harmon January, a tale of two winters Wow, January started out so pleasant, really too pleasant, as we saw you all early in the month for your CSA pick up. There was no snow on the ground. We were all starting to get

Summer is coming

2024-01-29T14:52:43-08:00The Farm|

It’s Official, the Summer Growing Season is Here! This time of the year is a surprisingly busy time for us. Between December and January we map out, count, and plan our next 12 months. What we are growing where? How many successions of which crops? How many rows of melons or summer squash? What


2023-11-30T16:11:54-08:00The Farm|

The things we are grateful for in 2023 Our crew from last year Wow, what a winning year last year. In 2023 we started our own Apprentice Program and our first year’s Apprentices knocked our socks off. We feel very strongly about being a place that is integral in inspiring and training future farmers.


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