This month, the second month of the year, the month of love. We sit, legs dangling over the edge, looking up and out and over Central Oregon, our home, and reflect on why we grow vegetables and raise meats, why we farm.

We do it for the love. The love of the land. The love of watching, holding, cherishing growing baby pigs and chicks and peas. The love of the wild birds, snakes, and animals that grow in and around our farm. The love of watching your faces as we send the fruits of our love home with you.

This month, the second month of the year, the month of love. We sit, legs dangling over the edge into all that awaits us this farming season.

We have our first summer season starts started and growing strong in the 4-season greenhouse. Two of our dairy queens just had calves setting us up for the next few months of raw milk for our Full Diet CSA. Our new laying hens are beginning to lay tiny eggs, an indication of what is to come. We are preparing the chick house for our first round of meat birds arriving in the mail the last week of the month. Right now, everything is teetering, waiting to tip into the full blown farm season.

Your love for the food we grow and serve. Our passion for the place, the job, you. Farming, especially farming for you, is the true embodiment of love.

photos: Melissa Harmon, Jim Stinger, Natalie Leder, Angela Lariza, Sarahlee Lawrence,
Tristan Gentry, Chris Lawrence

Taste Spring & Join us for a Farm to Table Meal in March

Adirondack Blue potatoes

Dinner: 6 pm
March 29

Brunch: 11 am
Easter Brunch, March 31

Summer CSA sign ups are open!

Why join a Rainshadow CSA? CSAs are a way to bring locally grown fresh, organic produce and pastured, regeneratively raised meats directly from our farm to your table. Choose your share size and type so your CSA perfectly fits your household. Trust what you are feeding yourself and your family because the CSA is 100% Rainshadow born and raised and our vegetables and grains are certified organic. Enjoy the relationship a CSA creates between you and your food, between you and your farmer, between you and Central Oregon.

Not sure what CSA works for you? Check out the options on our website HERE.

We have the perfect CSA for you and your family!

Our weekly Summer CSA is great for folks who want to eat locally grown and harvested meats and vegetables and starts in just over 3 months. Sign up today, spaces are filling up!

Our Full Diet CSA is great for people who want to source 100% of their food from the farm. This weekly CSA must be picked up on the farm and includes meats, vegetables, grains, flour, raw milk, eggs, and honey and begins in early July. Learn about this exclusive, unique CSA program and eat like a farmer!

We love you all and can’t wait to show you how much!
~ Alison and the Rainshadow Crew