Rainshadow Organics integrates pasture grazed animals and laying hens ahead of our crops in a simple rotation that fertilizes and rests our soil. We also raise pigs who eat all of our vegetable trimmings. We produce our own feed grains on the farm including wheat, barley, oats and peas as well as alfalfa hay to give our animals a balanced diet. We partner with our rancher neighbors to provide various kinds of beef, bison, water buffalo, lamb and elk that are all-natural, grass- finished and locally produced. In this way, we support other local producers while providing a wide variety of meats over the course of the season.

Our naturally raised animals never receive steroids, hormones or routine antibiotics. We offer a healthier alternative to store- bought meat. Grass fed beef has 5 times more Omega 3 fatty acid and CLA (Conjugated Linoleic Acid) and 4 times more Vitamin E than grain fed beef.

Interested in learning more or join in our Meat CSA download our brochure here, or drop us a line at sarahlee.lawrence @gmail.com.