peeled carrots

A brisk evening summons memories of fall while the skies tell tales of summer burns. We took care to protect all the delicate hots and to ventilate accordingly once temperatures shot up shortly after sunrise. Meanwhile our land thrives despite sudden seasonal change and welcomes an abundance of positive energy.

Carrot tops leap from the ground, poised to stand out in any meal you choose to include them. Pesto and chimichurri come to mind. Don’t they smell great? The smell once they’re pulled and washed is a fresh, nearly pine-like aroma that makes for an easy complement to pasta or grilled meat.

Roots dig deep to lift layers of soil to the surface where more organic matter can find its way down some time later. Carrots, beets, turnips and garlic all support life in the soil and their benefits are many. Our toughest veggies are like icebergs, stretching far beneath the surface and working their magic.

Coriander right out of the garden! Add to curries for unbeatable freshness…or dried for later. Along with generous servings of cilantro, coriander is a suitable aromatherapy agent and may cleanse unwanted metals like mercury hanging around your system.

From time to time we ask you, our precious food community, for recipes to cultivate our relationship by sharing seasonal favorites. We welcome submissions to [email protected]

Due to a snafu at an unnamed seed company, cascades of ripening behemoth kohlrabi are upon us. We thought we were planting savoy cabbage, but brassica seed being all familial and looking remarkably similar as they are, the seed was in fact kohlrabi and now it’s plumping up all over! Fear not, as we face this together think of a creamy lime cilantro slaw with the shredded kohlrabi that can store in the fridge for a few days! Great- sauerkraut can de done, too.

Lettuce transplanted in the 25-acre big field have caught the eye of deer recently. We’re working to share these buttery heads with you before they’re turned to forage!

Grilled fava beans- til they’re blackened then peel and salt and pepper to taste.

Throwback to this time four years ago, an Ode to Cabbage– for anyone needing help moving through cabbage before more in CSA boxes next week..