Its been a warm winter overall at the farm.  Lots of our saved food is still hanging on, including these terribly ugly carrots, that when peeled look amazing.  I eat them raw, but they are really much better cooked.  I’m not sure how much longer they’ll last so I’ve been throwing them in everything.  This pile of carrots went into tonights dinner.  Along with one of our last stored onions, a hunk of stored elephant garlic, two funky bits of cabbage that over-wintered in the garden, a pound of ground venison and a pound of hot sausage.  Once the veggies were soft and the meat was cooked, I poured a mason jar of saved broccoli puree over it with a bit of brags and rice wine vinegar.  At the last minute I stirred in some Windy Acres cream and then poured the whole concoction over organic, whole wheat pasta.  Served sourdough bread on the side from Rainshadow flour, slathered in Windy Acres butter.  Got it all on the table just after 10pm…. The days are already getting inhumanely long, but we relish in the spring, unwilling to go in before dark.