Tom Turkey

TURKEYS!! Plus other Meats and Potatoes
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Heritage, pasture-raised turkeys will be delivered fresh the tuesday before Thanksgiving: NOVEMBER 22ND.  Check out our video on the Rainshadow Facebook page.
We also have holiday Hams.
As well as, 20 and 50 pound boxes of potatoes for the holiday.

Headed to the butcher now are 4 hogs and 2 cows.  If you’re interested in a whole or half hog, or a quarter beef, now is the time!  img_20160612_200611
Interested?? contact sarahlee directly at [email protected]

All of our animals are heritage breeds, raised on pasture.  Our pigs and poultry eat non-gmo, locally produced feed.  They are all fully integrated into our organic operation, disposing of plants from the garden, providing fertility and pest management, etc…

Potatoes have gone into storage and we will be offering delivery throughout the winter.  It is a great time to order them before the holidays!  They will easily last through Christmas.

The potatoes are heirloom, organic varieties. The first variety is the Viking Purple.  They are a purple skin, white-fleshed potato that is particularly outstanding as a masher with incredible fluffiness.  They hold together great in soups and stews.  They roast, bake, and boil splendidly.  Their skins hold their color and are full of nutrients.
Potatoes are a sustainable option for a staple in Central Oregon.  It is important to remember that conventional potatoes are cheap, but they are part of the ‘dirty dozen’: the top twelve conventional fruits and vegetables to avoid in terms of chemical residue. Rainshadow is proud to make these organic potatoes available to the community.

The other variety is called Desiree.  Its the #1 gourmet potato in Europe.  Light red skin and yellow flesh, it has a distinctive flavor and is a versatile, fairly waxy variety which is firm and holds its shape, and is useful for all methods of cooking, from roasting to mashing and salads.