Being the steward of a farm is to experience magic.  I am as close as one can get to life force.  And I am carried along with it from Februray to August, for example, without a moment to reach out to the world of interwebs.  I don’t think it is possible to catch up with news from the farm that spans heavy snow to 100+degrees.  So, I’ll just throw out pictures and captions from times passed.

Thousands of plants have been coming out of our four season greenhouse since early march.  We can fit about 60 flats at any time and as they go out to the garden, they come straight back to be filled again.  broccoli, cabbage, kale, collards, asian greens, leeks, onions, lettuce, kohlrabi…  around and around we go.  Our four-season greenhouse is the cornerstone of enabling us to do what we do here.  It is straw bale, super insulated, and passively heated from a thermal mass of water.  Its orientation is such that it gets almost no direct sunlight in the summer months so that it doesn’t get too hot.  It does have a fan to keep it at 85 degrees on these hot days.

And then before you know it, they all look like this.  All coming in waves.  Gaining growing speed and size and flavor until the garden seems monstrous and I’m not sure if I’m the one eating or being eaten…

And then we get to share it with wonderful people who come to the farm to eat it.  This is a picture of our July longtable dinner.  The August dinner is next week and sold out.  September has a bit of space if you are interested in feasting in the garden, from the garden.  It is a unique experience, and as a farmer, it is the ultimate.  Thanks to all of you who have joined us and will be joining us.  You all mean so much to us and your continued support of our efforts is priceless.