A reminder that every day is an opportunity for gathering knowledge. Adult learning involves identifying and researching solutions to problems that arise all the time. Trying and our sharing the experience (successful or not) is invaluable to maintaining progress individually and within our community. Wonder is not lost in the search for solutions and its encouraging to be surrounded by folks committing themselves to improvement one way or another. Cheers to that!


Tomatoes to be dehydrated

Our Fall CSA begins this week and more information/signup can be found here. This is a great option for all connoisseurs of fall produce or those who can no longer garden due to dropping temperatures. You can also download information about our Winter CSA shares so that your belly is full while snuggling fireside.

We also have two precious goats goats in milk we are trying to find warm homes for the winter. After this weekend we have a young Jersey cow and are working toward a simplified milking scene. Email [email protected] for more goat details.

While you’re perusing our site, consider purchasing a seat at the final Longtable dinner of the season. Join us for an evening in the garden, enjoying music and seasonal cuisine from right here. We have so much fun hosting these events and welcome friends new and old to the table. $55 per ticket, BYOB.



Thanks to another righteous CSA member we present a wicked CARNITAS recipe, as follows. Combine pork shoulder, orange, onion, garlic, lard and sweetened condensed milk (or rational substitute) in the oven for 3 hours at 350 F. Cool, drain (keep juice and separate fat), chop and cut in tray, roast til crispy and ladle the glorious nectar over it all.

With incredibly sumptuous recipes like this it only seems right to propose a CSA Potluck. What does everyone think? We care to hear from you and we’re thinking September 29th. It’s a Thursday night and everyone is invited to partake and bring along a dish and drink to share. See everyone there!