Dear Friends of Rainshadow!

We’ve gotten better at growing potatoes!  Three years ago we lost our potatoes to a deep freeze in December and gave away 50 tons to the community on New Year’s Day.  Since then we’ve worked on our local relationships with restaurants, grocery stores and families to grow and store a year-round supply of organic potatoes for Central Oregon.  Jackson’s Corner has been our biggest supporter  with a commitment to use 24 tons of potatoes in their two restaurants.  We also grow for Spork in Bend, Melvin’s Market in Sisters, and Whole Foods.  These relationships are such a blessing for our farm and we are so grateful as they make what we do sustainable.
Lucky for you, we wanted to be sure we had enough potoates to fill our cellars and then some.  Our last Potato Day was such a hit that we wanted to offer up the farm and the fruits of our labor again.
Tomorrow, Saturday the 24th from 10am-Noon, come on out to the farm!
 These potatoes will store for months in a cool dark place.  They are a waxy, red skinned, yellow fleshed, Desiree. We have sorted heavily because we can’t have anything imperfect for long storage, so about 50% of the potatoes coming out of the ground are not suitable.  And we saved about 2400 row feet for YOU that we’ll dig fresh Saturday morning.  There should be about 10,000 pounds of potatoes out there.
You can park in our barnyard off of Holmes Rd.  The address (which is not the farm entrance is 70955 NW Lower Bridge Way).  Either come down Holmes and we’re the last place on the right before Lower Bridge Way.  Or come out Lower Bridge, pass the address, take a left on Holmes and we’re the first left.  You can then walk out to the big potato field and meet us there.
Bring gloves and water.  Be prepared to pee outside.  Also bring your own bags and boxes for your potatoes.  You can take as many as you want.  Give them to friends and family!
We’ll be frying potatoes in Lard for fun.
You can get flats of canning tomatoes for $30.
We’ll have vegetables available for sale
We have winter squash for $1/#
We’ll also have our Pork and Chicken for sale.
You can get fresh milled flour too!
You can sign up for the winter CSA that starts in November and runs through May.
Call me with questions… sarahlee: 541-279-0841