What is the word for the smell of growth and decomposition at the same time?  I thought it was Fecund.  This only describes abundance.  Today we are reeling from the swift snatch of our tender crops.  We lost 25 acres of beans, squash, corn, potatoes, and basil last night to a deep dip to 26 degrees.  Last week it was 98 degrees and all of our brassicas bolted.  The mythic Central Oregon at her best.  We had nice tall, cultivated beans, carefully planted the end of May on a biodynamic fruit day.  Tomorrow we’ll have a re-tilled field and another round of beans in the ground.  It took me a day to take it all in, survey the damage, and make a plan.  Farming takes an incredible amount of time and attention and to start over is a touch overwhelming.  Some might find it hard to move and when they do it might seem frenetic.  Some might wish they had insurance.  We, at rainshadow, order new seed with overnight delivery and we spend 14 hours a day re-building…. until it is re-built.

This is a frosted potato plant (just in case you were wondering) and they look like this as far as you can see.  Luckily potatoes have a deep root energy and will likely bounce back.  This is just a….  set back…..

Now would be a great time to come to market and eat up what we do have.  Also a great time to sign up for Longtable tickets.  Our first farm dinner in the garden is Monday, July 18th, 2016 at 6pm.  Tickets are only available online HERE.  These dinners are an incredibly precious time touring the farm, visiting plants and animals, and sharing an incredible meal with friends.  The food is made almost entirely from the farm with the exception of a bit of salt, pepper, and olive oil.  It is the celebration of full-diet stewardship.  Let us feed you beneath these stars.