Tall and I drove our cattle four miles to the top of Jeff’s ranch in Monument, Oregon, where they’ll spend the summer.
This is a new place for us.  Since we only have 60 acres for the cows at the home farm,  it’s really only good for winter and calving. We have to use leased ground for the other 9 months of the year.  From spring to fall we like to turn the cattle out on rangeland. Our corriente/longhorns are extremely hardy and efficient.  They require farm less water than European type breeds like Angus.  And do great on less rich feed.  This also makes them easier on the ground.
We are excited to be working with Jeff Knox, who is another young rancher. A good relationship like this has the potential to last a lifetime and through it,  steward many animals and feed many families.  As well as good care for the land.
This historic ranch has lots of cross fencing for rotational grazing. The cows will be eating down fire hazard and opening ground for perennial dryland alfalfa and bunch grasses. Natural springs have been plumbed to troughs to reduce animals in high streams.
Good friends, Travis and Thad helped push the herd to the high ground.  All of our horses did incredibly well on the steep terrain. They are fit and broke,  excellent members of the team. I rode my Meridian. I got her as a weanling when I was a sophomore in high school. That’s 20 years ago this year. She’s been all-in for everything I’ve ever wanted to do from 4-h, backcountry packing, college rodeo,  winters in Arizona, cattle drives, falconry, endless trail rides… She’s been a highlight of my life. Much gratitude for her and her willingness always. She has been everything I’ve ever needed her to be.
Our Black Mouth Cur pack helped a ton in moving and holding the herd together. The puppies are only six months old and they caught on fast! Sloan was the rookie of the day,  almost always in the right place and responding well to voice command.
After the three hour haul over the Ochoco, and then the three hour cattle drive, we finished with the last of the light.  Grateful for longer days and the coming of spring grass.