Central Oregon sunshine is the best… for growing stuff.  These classic clear, cold, nights and brilliant days are just fine for our cold hardy veggies.  We showed up to everything frozen solid this morning and by lunch, everything was thawed and spritzed and packed for our hardy winter CSA members.  Arugula, two different kinds of bok choi, and kale were all thriving in our low tunnels under row cover inside.  They haven’t been watered since October 1st.  They’ve endured so much cold.  And here we are turning the corner into spring.  We’re clearing out beds, and seeding even more carrots, radishes, kale, asian greens, chard, spinach, arugula, and mache.  Plus the first round of summer veg:  leeks and onions.

Our potatoes are looking mighty fine in our big insulated trailer and Jackson’s Corner continues to get a load every week.  They are crisp and firm.  Unbelievable.  Winter squash has run its course and this is the last round of stored carrots.  We’ve still got chicken in the freezer and a fresh hog.  Wheat will come as berries this month for cooking like rice or adding to a soup.  Central Oregon staples.

And that’s the gift for February.