photo credit: Melissa Harmon

Happy New Year, farm friends.

Howdy ya’ll!  Sarahlee here, again…..  writing the email on time.  What do you think of that? Now you don’t have to wonder if this is CSA week.  It is!!
It’s the last day of 2023 and boy what an unseasonably gorgeous day.  Nat and I limbed a bunch of trees to add to our already massive bonfire that we are getting ready to burn this evening to ring in the new year.  I always wonder if I should be burning something symbolic.  Hmmmm.

We spent the morning going through our onion stores.  Every month we go through all of the stores to make sure everything is storing well and eat the things that are weakening.  We’re pleased with our onions.  They are so many different shapes and colors because we grow our seed onions all together and the way they cross pollinate is just remarkable.  We touch every single one (thousands………..) and make sure everything going back in the storage stack is solid.  You’ll be getting a good selection this week.  If you find a soft spot, just cut it away and enjoy the foundation of flavor.  Onions take sooooo long.  We seed them at the end of January, transplant them in May, harvest them in September, cure and sort them in October, then touch them every month through the winter.  Wowsers, what a labor of love.  But I sure can’t imagine cooking without onions.  You know, it was the onion that really got me into eating from the farm year round.  After my first year farming here I raised so much food and sold it all that summer, back in 2010.  It was November and I was back at the grocery store, specifically in front of the onion display, thinking to myself, wtf.  How could I be back at the grocery store after all that effort.  How could I not have saved the food I needed to eat for the winter.  What was I thinking????  That was the beginning of where we are today, with tons of food in storage, enough to feed 150 families all winter long.  I believe there is no other way to eat.  And I’m so proud and grateful of ya’ll for walking the walk.

Little bonus this month, our hens are super happy and laying eggs like crazy.  What?!?  So, you’ll be getting a dozen eggs with your share.  We’re so happy to share the bounty.  There will be more for sale if you need more than a dozen.

Okidoki, please let us know if you have any questions and we will see you on Thursday the 4th in Sisters and Bend.
Or Friday (11-5) and Saturday (9-3) at the Farm Store!

~ Sarahlee and the Crew

Pick Up Reminder

Don’t forget that we do the Central Oregon triangle on the first Thursday of the month and timing is everything.

We will be:

  • In Sisters near the Fir Street Park: 3-3:15 pm
  • In Bend at the Deschutes County Main Services building parking lot (1300 NW Wall St): 4:30-5:30 pm
  • If you signed up for a Farm Store pick up, we will see you Friday (11-5) or Saturday (9-3) at the Farm Store, 71290 Holmes Rd.

If you can’t make your Thursday Sisters or Bend pick up, you are always welcome to come pick up on Friday or Saturday following the first Thursday of the month at the Farm Store. If that doesn’t work, please reach out and we can work towards finding an alternative day at the Farm Store.

We have Eggs!

As well as some other Add-Ons you might be interested in!

We offer a rotating selection of seasonal Farm goods that you can pre-order. You can check out what we have and order through our Food4All Portal HERE. Options include eggs, preserves, pickles, flour, meat cuts, honey, grains, etc. What we have varies with the season and we will update the list as our supply changes. Get your orders in by Wednesday to ensure we pack them for your pick up.