It’s half-way highlights time!

Wow, six-months have passed already? It always feels that years go fast. One day you are ringing in the New Year and, seemingly, a blink later you are ringing in the next. The end of the year always brings on moments of reflection often centered on what went wrong or how one can improve. (We are trained for that with our culture of setting New Year’s resolutions based upon what we want to improve in ourselves as we reflect upon how the past year went.)

At Rainshadow we find it important to reflect far more often than that, sometimes in the moment as things go wildly off tract, but more often in a quite moment watching the colors and light change as the sun rises or sets. Halfway into the year, it feels like a great time to share some of the highlights we have been reflecting upon recently!


Fermented Comfrey Tea

photos: Zoë Griffith

Comfrey is gathered into a burlap bag and stepped (like tea) for 2 weeks where it begins to ferment. After 2 weeks, we aerate the “comfrey tea” to speed up the fermentation for a day or two and then inject the fermented comfrey juice in its highly aerobic state into the wheel line when we water our crops.

We are continuing to tighten our farming loop by growing Comfrey, fermenting it, and then feeding it to our crops in the 25-acre through the wheel line. We always start our 25-acre growing season with a layer of our cows’ composted manure mixed into the soil. The manure provides a slow-burn arrival of nutrients into the seeds and transplanted starts. As things get going (especially when it is hot and the plants are feeling taxed) we mix the liquid fermented comfrey into the irrigation water and feed them through the wheel line. This means that all our 25-acre crops get little rain delivered snacks that they absorb through their leaves and stalks and can immediately use to maintain in the heat, grow, or defend themselves as pests take advantage of their heat induced fatigue. The thing that we are most proud of with our Fermented Comfrey Tea is that it is 100% from the farm!

Late Summer CSA now open!

We have just opened up a 10-week late summer CSA. This CSA begins on Wednesday, August 10 and runs weekly through Wednesday October 12.

  • Enjoy the bounty and glory of the summer growing season as it peaks: tomatoes, cucumbers, beans, corn, melons, and peppers.
  • Try new and different vegetables! Ever heard of Yod Fah or Kohlrabi? 
  • Feel confident about what you are feeding yourself and your household and the business and environmental practices you are supporting. 
  • Choose the CSA size and type that fits your home: large or small; vegetables & meat or just vegetables or only meat.

Space is limited! Learn more on our website and sign up today.

Our Crops have been doing so well!

photos: Natalie Leder, Zoë Griffith

All I can say is WOW! Our salad turnips are bigger and sweeter then ever, the Asian greens from the spring were plentiful, and I swear I have never seen so many carrots in my whole life at one time. We spent a lot of time this winter working on our crop plan and choosing varieties to make sure (as sure as one can be in this line of work) that we were producing the best varieties for consistent results and flavor. Add that intention to the delightfully cool and damp spring, and the farm is really just plain flourishing. Even with this heat spell, things are responding well, continuing to grow, and we couldn’t be more pleased with what we are harvesting for Market and our CSAs!

Our Full Diet CSA has openings!

Late summer is full of abundance and the perfect time to start putting food away for the winter! The eggplants and tomatoes are just starting which means that tomatillos and peppers are just around the corner and corn and melons are inching closer. Now is the perfect time to join our very unique, seasonally based eating experience.

Our Full Diet CSA involves a commitment through June, 2023. Your 100% from the farm weekly CSA share includes vegetables, meats, grains, and dairy. This is a tiered CSA based upon household size. The Full Diet CSA is paid weekly and we can take SNAP benefits. Space is limited so sign up today!

photos: Sarahlee Lawrence, Danielle Caruso

Find out more on our website and click on the button below to ask any questions!

Kitchen Partnerships

photos: Melissa Harmon

This year our partnership dinners are a big highlight. At these events, we showcase regional and local food producers and farmers. The alchemy of Rainshadow Organics ingredients partnered with the ingredients of other local and regional farmers and producers creates unique to the dinner moments. Ones that cannot be replicated.

So far we have partnered with Port Orford Sustainable Sea Food, Apiarist Steve Harris, Hidden Canyon Mushrooms, and Fullerton Wines. I mean when else could you get Rainshadow’s oh so sweet Parsnips paired with Dungeness crab or our just harvested pole beans with oyster mushrooms or perfectly paired Fullerton Wines accompanying first of the year zucchini and kohlrabi salad or freshly made spaghetti alla chitarra with basil, carrot, and snap peas.

These special, once in a culinary moments truly bring out the magic inherent in a longtable dinner in the garden and it is such a joy to watch the kitchen creativity flow.

August Events are posted! 

The abundance and variety of the summer fields are being showcased in our longtable events. Join us for an August dinner in the garden or brunch on our Farm Store deck. We are so excited to share with you the bounty of our harvests paired with Chef Maraziti’s culinary creativity.

Check out our August Partnership Longtables:
August 12 Alyson Brown cocktail pairing dinner
August 18 featuring vi.TAL for a discussion of the microbiom of yourself and your suroundings
August 26 featuring an all female chef team.

Our Team!

photos: Sarahlee Lawrence, Natalie Leder, Zoë Griffith, 

The pictures above are definitely not comprehensive of the whole team, but what I love about them all and what they illustrate is how great the team is this year. So many smiles and giggles. So attentive to the little details that keep the animals, vegetables, kitchen, and machines running. So excited to get up at 4am to work at 5am in the heat, or push through those cold and rainy days early on. Always ready to sling dishes in the dish pit, or dust shelves in the store, or do whatever needs doing. The strength of any operation is the team as a whole and we are beyond grateful for ours this season!

photo credit: Zoé Griffith