Trust Worthy Food

The biggest problem we face as conscious consumers is unknown and untrustworthy food. If you’re like us, you spend time in the grocery store reading labels and calculating the hidden cost of food on the shelf. Where was this grown? What exactly are all these difficult-to-pronounce ingredients? Is this the RIGHT choice for me?

A new study, illuminated by The Guardian, found that 70% of conventionally grown produce still have lingering pesticide residues, even after washed. Kale, spinach, and strawberries are at the highest risk of these residues. This means that our favorite greens are contaminated with chemicals and harm the nutrition we put into our bodies.

Another study, posted to Mercola in the fall of 2018 states that Glyphosate-based herbicides, like Round-Up, are being found in detectable levels in products containing conventionally grown oats. More than 250 million pounds of Glyphosate is sprayed on conventional fields across the U.S. each year. That is SO much.

Pesticides are found on more than just oats and greens, they span through a number of different types of produce and crops. These chemicals are the hidden cost of conventionally grown, untrustworthy food. They can cause irreversible effects on our personal health and wellbeing. We deserve better.

At Rainshadow Organics, we strive to alleviate stress behind the hidden cost of food. We believe in transparency in all we do. Our approach to farming was inspired by our desire to eat well and to be environmental stewards. We believe that everyone has the right to a nutrient-dense diet, free of chemicals and pesticides. Our farming methods take responsibility to ensure that our food is safe for us and gives back to the land that feeds us.

All of our produce is 100% Certified Organic for your peace of mind. This means we comply with all USDA organic standards and maintain our certification through an annual third-party audit. We never use chemicals or pesticides on our fields, we only use mechanical methods to remove pests and weeds. We manage soil fertility through crop rotation, cover crops, and soil conservation practices so our farm can produce safe, high-quality produce for decades to come.

Everyday, our farm crew implements these organic practices. The amount of grit and perseverance of our farm staff is evidenced by the soil on their hands and the sweat on their brows. This work matters to us. This work matters because we care about the health and wellness of ourselves and our community. This includes the regeneration of our land and the sustainability of our kitchens. We believe that you have the right to our Organic Certified food.

Known and trustworthy food is what we strive to provide you. We have made it our life’s work to grow and raise quality food that won’t have you questioning where it came from. You deserve food you can trust in your kitchen and we won’t stop until that is what you have.