Hello from our snow covered farm!
We are celebrating our 10th season at Rainshadow Organics and we are so grateful that you’ve been part of our journey! We started with just two acres of veggies, but this year we’ll be planting nearly 15 acres of veggies, filling 18 greenhouses, harvesting 15 acres of grain for milling, managing over 100 momma cows, plus a whole herd of pigs, a hive of bees, and multiple flocks of chickens and turkeys.  We have grown into a year-round full-diet farm!  A true culinary adventure!!
We have lots in store for our summer season!  The new vegetable of 2019 will be the SWEET POTATO!  This is a long season crop, but we are hoping a greenhouse will keep these little guys warm enough to produce some tasty tubers!  We are also looking forward to the arrival of our five new interns through the Rogue Farm Corps.  We are absolutely committed to training the next generation of farmers, capable of growing the goods!  You’ll be hearing a little bit about their journey through our monthly updates.
Farm Store and Restaurant.  We are adding a chef to our team this season and can’t wait to taste what our food is capable of!  We’ve been open all winter on Saturdays, with a store full of pickles, ferments, jams, and sauces as well as our meats, stored root crops and winter greens.  Also serving woodfire pizzas year-round from 100% ingredients grown on the farm (dough, sauces, and toppings!)

Starting May 1st, we’ll be open Wednesday through Saturday from 11:30-5.  Lunch from 12-2!!  Make sure to add [email protected] to your contacts so that you are the first to hear about specials at the store, including burger and taco nights, special events, and customer appreciation days!  Also, our Longtable Dinner events, where you get to eat the food from the garden, in the garden!

We still have openings in our 2019 CSA and are looking for members with a sense of adventure!  You deserve good, clean, food that you can trust.  You also deserve some spice in your life!  The CSA is the best way to get tons of colorful veggies into your home along with guidance and inspiration for what to do with them! Check out Bricolage, the cookbook we are writing to encourage you to cultivate confidence and creativity in the kitchen. We’ll be posting regular recipes on our blog:  https://www.theartofbricolage.com/  All of which we’d love for you to test! (Also, the first three installments go back to Rainshadow’s beginnings if you’re wondering how and why we are who we are).

2019 Here we come!!  Inspired and proud to be food-secure Central Oregonians!
With gratitude,
Sarahlee, Ashanti, and the Team and Rainshadow Organics.
P.S. We ask that you do ONE quick thing for us. 
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This is problematic for us because we want to be able to communicate about our farm directly with YOU!  We want to make sure you’re getting recipes and inspiration.  And we want to make sure you don’t miss any customer appreciation events!
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