The Environmental Impact of our Food Choices

On average, food at a traditional grocery store is estimated to travel 1,500 miles to reach your plate. That is so far! Food, grown at Rainshadow Organics, will travel about 30 miles to reach you. AND it is harvested straight from the ground only a day before your CSA share is delivered. The fewer miles your groceries travel, the less carbon footprint, and the less worry you have in your kitchen!

If you’re like us, you spend time in the grocery store reading labels and calculating the hidden cost of food on the shelf. Where was this grown? What exactly are all these difficult-to-pronounce ingredients? Is this the RIGHT choice for me?

One of the most challenging groceries to buy is meat. Conventional meat found at the traditional supermarket has a huge impact on the environment and ourselves. Conventional meat pollutes our air and our water systems degrading our world. Many animals are raised at feedlots where their quality of life is much lower and shorter than pasture raised meat.

At Rainshadow we value high-quality, pasture-raised meat. Our animals live in wide open spaces on the farm and eat the diet they were meant to eat. Our cows are exclusively fed grass and hay and our chickens and pigs are fed local grains. Our pigs get a mix of whole grain triticale, organic veggies, pasture, and alfalfa. All of the feed we use is locally raised, chemical free, mostly organic, and NEVER GMO.

Our Meat CSA provides you with quality, locally raised meat you can feel good about buying. Local meat is hard to find but we are here to provide you with the diversity of beef, chicken, and pork every other week!

When you choose to join our 18-week Summer CSA, we offer: 
  • The choice of small or large vegetable and/or meat shares
  • Convenient on-farm pickup OR pick up at the Bend Farmers Market every Wednesday
  • The Organic Certification of all our vegetables
  • Weekly newsletter with farm news, recipes, and food storage & preservation tips
  • A direct relationship with Rainshadow Organics farmers
  • CSA member appreciation days
  • The ability to purchase other Rainshadow Organics goods for pick up with your CSA
  • Exclusive access to our private facebook group for CSA members
  • Payment plan options and SNAP payment available to offer you easier access to food security

Known and trustworthy food is what we strive to provide you. We have made it our life’s work to grow and raise quality food that won’t have you questioning where it came from or what is actually in it. You deserve food you can trust in your kitchen and we won’t stop until that is what you have.

We hope that you will join us this season. We promise transparency in our food so you can trust the ingredients in your kitchen.

All our best,

Rainshadow Organics Team