January has flown by and we are
already thinking about Summer!

January has been filled with some beautiful weather. While we are so glad that it has finally started to snow, all those sunny days that made it easy to prepare for the 2021 Summer CSA. We continued to prep our gardens and fields for spring planting and we built a new chicken coop, spent some time updating our 4 season greenhouse, and gave our hoops and greenhouses some major TLC. When the snow finally came, we hunkered down and cleaned out our indoor areas and continued our seed saving project.

Summer CSA sign-ups are here!

All these preparations are really getting us excited for the summer and our 18 week CSA! Community Supported Agriculture (CSA for short) is a way to bring fresh, organic produce and meat directly from our farm to your table. CSAs encourage local food supply, land stewardship, and community. At Rainshadow Organics, we have made it our life’s work to grow fresh, nutrient-dense foods. Every year we look forward to sharing that with our local Central Oregon community. Today is the day we open up this opportunity to new members. We have less than 50 shares left and we hope to have you join our community and provide you with organic food and inspiration in your kitchen this summer.

This year our Summer CSA will begin on June 2nd and run through September 29th providing you with fresh vegetables weekly and meat shares every other week.

We hope you will join us for the 2021 summer season! We are thrilled to be your connection to local, organic food. Email us with any questions you may have about our CSA, how to choose which CSA is best for you, or about signing-up.

Summer CSA Options

Small Veggie Only: $500 for 18 weeks. Will include 5-7 different vegetable items each week.

Large Veggie Only: $745 for 18 weeks. Will include 8-11 different vegetable items each week. Ideal for families or couples who eat a lot of vegetables or store vegetables away.

Small Meat Only: $390 bi-weekly for 18 weeks (9 pick ups). Will include 5 lbs of various cuts of pork, beef, and whole chickens.

Large Meat Only: $745 bi-weekly for 18 weeks (9 pick ups). Will include 10 lbs of various cuts of pork, beef and whole chickens.

Small Veggie and Meat: $875 for 18 weeks with 5 lbs of meat bi-weekly. Will include 5-7 different vegetable items each week.

Large-Veggie and Meat: $1390 for 18 weeks with 10 lbs of meat bi-weekly. Will include 8-11 different vegetable items each week.

As a special bonus, if you purchase a Large Meat & Veggie share, you will get 2 free Brunch Tickets.
When you choose to join our 18-week Summer CSA, we offer: 
  • The choice of small or large vegetable and/or meat shares
  • Convenient on-farm pickup OR pick up at the Bend Farmers Market every Wednesday
  • The Organic Certification of all our vegetables
  • Weekly newsletter with farm news, recipes, and food storage & preservation tips
  • A direct relationship with Rainshadow Organics farmers
  • CSA member appreciation days
  • The ability to purchase other Rainshadow Organics goods for pick up with your CSA
  • Exclusive access to our private facebook group for CSA members
  • Payment plan options to offer you easier access to food security

Full Diet CSA: This special CSA program allows members to truly eat from the farm, year round. Pick up is weekly at our Farm Store and includes unlimited access to our veggies and wheat flour as well as weekly allotments of meat and eggs and monthly allotments of honey and dry beans. This CSA gets exclusive access to our raw milk & eggs. The cost depends upon household number and everyone in your household must participate. This is a 6 month long commitment paid for weekly. Email us to get more information about this CSA!

We have just released our spring 2021 Farm to Table Dinner and Sunday Brunch dates! Click on the dates below to purchase your tickets!

That’s right! This year we are moving brunch and dinner ticket sales to our newsletter format. Want to be the first to hear about ticket releases? Sign up for our Events Email list! After an initial release to our Events Email List, we will publish the calendar and ticket sales links to our monthly & CSA newsletters. We set initial ticket numbers to 20 to accommodate state & local mandates. Email us if you want to be put on the waitlist for a particular dinner or brunch. We will call or email you first if we can increase seating for that event!