Not only the depth of winter and the coming of the light, but also our first outdoor winter long table. We have so much gratitude for the people that joined us this evening, that had faith in the farm, the food, and the heated space.
Chef Travis worked his magic with our winter stores. He likes to say that we either have beets and carrots or carrots and beets with potatoes and squash or squash and potatoes. I think he secretly finds a pleasant challange and also liberation in cooking solely from the farm. As the farmer, I am amazed daily by his art. I don’t think anyone missed anything tonight.
I also find it amusing, heartening, and inspiring to watch someone with his cooking prowess, go through their first winter cooking entirely from Central Oregon and specifically from one Farm. He is making notes all the time about the things that he wishes he had and therefore must save next summer going into next winter.
As we manage to host successful, bountiful, delicious meals through the winter together, our dream of creating a culinary destination is becoming reality, day by day. I might as well be Kevin Costner himself. It is built and they are coming. Thank you to all of you that have come and all of you that will come. Our passion and purpose is to feed you good clean food.
Blessings. .