CSA Pickup – 6/24/20

Wow, the summer is truly here. The solstice has come and passed and the real heat of Central Oregon is officially upon us. And you know what likes heat? Plants. Our crops are beginning to flourish now more than ever. They have all popped, gracing us with more diversity, more nourishment, and more flavor on our plates. Watching the summer begin to explode in its bounty, just compared to last week, is exhilarating. We haven’t made it out into our 25 acre field to harvest yet, but that is just around the corner. As for the crew, we’ve been weeding the WHOLE farm. Lots of hand weeding in our greenhouses, and tractor weeding in the 25 acre. Cultivation is incredibly important to the success of our food later in the summer. By timing our weeding just right, we can save ourselves tons of time, and our crops gain that much more advantage during their critical growing moments. We’ve also been heading to the Deschutes river for mid-day river dips. Gotta beat the heat somehow! The summer will just keep providing from here on out. And we are so grateful to share that with you. This week you will have more choices than ever before in your CSA. We are excited to see what culinary creations you will whip up in the kitchen this week! Thank you all for bringing your salad mix containers, and being so diligent about taking the correct amount of items each week. As a reminder, if you know you’ll miss a week, you can send a friend to pickup your share. Just email us and let us know who will be coming. If you ever have a week where you need to switch your pickup location, we can arrange that too. Just shoot us an email letting us know!

And now…. Inspiration! This week we’re seeing our first fennel of the season. If you aren’t able to grab one this week, we will have lots over the next month or so! Below is a recipe card for roasted fennel, courtesy of our Chef, Travis Taylor. Roasting is the classic move for fennel, but it can easily be eaten raw in your salads, grilled as kabobs, fermented, or pickled!

We’ve also been including lots of herbs into the array of CSA veggie options. We will continue to harvest herbs for you all through the summer. Below is a chimichurri recipe. You can spread it over roasted or grilled veggies, or over your chicken or pulled pork. It also tastes great over any steaks!

We are hosting two more yoga classes on July 12th and August 2nd! The weather is looking lovely, and we’ll be soaking in the sunshine while we center ourselves and stretch our bodies.

25% of the proceeds will be donated to Soul Fire Farm, an organization devoted to helping end racial injustices and disparities in the food system. We hope our Rainshadow community can contribute to food access and securtiy in all ways beyond Central Oregon.

Pre-regestration is required for this class, follow the link below to sign up!

Our dinner events are back in action for the 2020 season! We are so fortunate to have an open air deck with lots of space to allow our community to join us for a clean, safe, organic dining experience. Our next dinner with space is on Friday, July 10th at 6:00pm. We would love for you to join us to celebrate the bounty of summer and Chef Taylor’s amazing, artful creations with Rainshadow food.

We hope you enjoy the INCREDIBLE produce this week!

Sunshine and basil,
Rainshadow Organics Crew.