Hercules and I took a little tour of the farm today.  We woke up to sunshine and 6 degrees after two days of snow.  Winter wonderland.  We’ve had some unseasonable cold and then a long warm December and early January.  We are finally getting a bit of proper winter with snow in the mountains that will bring water for summer, which we’ve all been quite concerned about.

We headed north toward the pond, which has been been pulled down by the wildlife and weather.

We ran into Tall with King on the backhoe.  They were moving grain for the pigs and old potatoes down for Hercules, who grabbed a treat when we ran into them.

We headed past the garden and the event site, all covered in snow and sleeping.

We found Luis in the garden, who had pulled back the mulch to harvest carrots that were seeded mid-summer and stored in the ground for winter.

Next to the carrots was a row of Yukina Savoy asian greens, which had also been mulched.  These greens survived the negative 27 temperatures and continue to provide the densest, sweetest nutrients of any vegetable I can think of.

Earlier in the day we harvested lettuce and spinach out of the un-heated greenhouse tunnels.

Here it is getting washed in the tub.

Last stop was a visit to the pigs.  They were taking a mid-day snooze in a pile.

Red was out with her piglets having a suckle.  She is one of the sweetest mama pigs and her babies are some of the most colorful!

Thanks for coming along on our little farm tour.  Hercules says hello.