Is a farm share the right fit for you?

We are so excited you have made the choice to join our farm community. We believe that you need food that you can trust, fresh from the ground. We have made it our life’s work to provide the Central Oregon community with certified organic produce and local, pasture-raised meat.

Are you looking to find a way to bring these nutrient-dense ingredients to your kitchen? Do you want to feel inspired and feel confident and creative in your kitchen this summer? We want that for you too.

The best way to share in our bounty is to join our CSA program. Community Supported Agriculture (CSA) is a way for people like you to support our farm and ring in your very own box of our vegetables every week and a share of our meat every other week from June through October.

We know that committing to a CSA share can be daunting and we also know that a CSA may not be the best fit for everyone. Before you join our CSA, we want you to ask yourself SIX questions.

Question #1: Do you want to establish a relationship with your farmer? Is a relationship important to you?

Our CSA program is incredibly personal and relationship based. Each week we bring our CSA shares to the Bend Farmers Market where our members come straight to our farm stand and meet with our farmers. We also offer on-farm pickup on Tuesday afternoons where you can drive to the farm and meet the farmers who cultivated, harvested, and organized your food into the incredible shares you now have!

We want to know you. We want to inspire you. We work to feed you and the Central Oregon community and knowing WHO YOU ARE matters to us. We will learn and know your names, share recipes and ideas, and share our farming story with you. We will provide you with ways to help you succeed with our food.

Your presence with our farm inspires us to grow and change. It allows us to listen to the needs of our community so we can answer to your voice each year and become stronger.

If you join our CSA, be prepared to have a relationship with us and know that you now are connected to us and the farmland that grew the produce and raised the meat in your share. We are ready to share all that with you, are you ready to commit to us?

Question #2: Do you value nutrient-dense, high-quality, great tasting ingredients?

There are so many people who walk into our Farm Store, buy one of our carrots, and say “wow, that DOES NOT taste like the ones I buy at the regular grocery store, it’s WAY better!” And they are incredibly right.

There is a major difference in taste when the produce you eat has very few food miles, no chemicals or pesticides, very little processing, and is harvested straight from the ground the DAY before you eat it.

Taste totally matters in food. We know that success in the kitchen doesn’t solely come from your ability to prepare food, it starts with the ingredients.

Quality is our NUMBER ONE PRIORITY. We value growing our food with no chemicals or pesticides. We grow our vegetables while complying to organic certification standards. Our commitment to organic ensures the quality and the taste of our ingredients.

We also value eating seasonally. Our tomatoes taste the best in the heart of their harvest season, and summer squash isn’t meant to be eaten in the winter, it has the best flavor in the heart of summer.

You are paying for the taste and quality of your ingredients in the CSA. We guarantee you will be able to experience this flavor through the summer!

Question #3: Are you ready to try new foods?

I’m sorry, what is Celeriac? Yukina Savoy? A Walla Walla Onion? Come again?

Not everything you will find in your CSA share will be your classic staples. Joining our CSA will push you to try new foods and experience new variety in your kitchen.

Our goal with the food we grow and our in your shares is NOT to give you strange foods and leave you hanging. One of the best parts of our CSA is that we teach you how to use new foods. Our CSA members are part of an exclusive Facebook group where we share recipes how-to’s, and ideas about using new foods to their fullest potential. We want you to feel confident and inspired in your kitchen, regardless of what’s in your share.

Question #4: Do you need control in your menu planning?

Or are you ready to be spontaneous?

Our CSA shares are non-customizable. What is ready to harvest each week will be put into your box. We know that this can be really hard. We know that sometimes our members will find in their share too much of one thing, but maybe not enough of another.

We are ready to take the journey of spontaneity with you. Sometimes the best way to be creative is on the fly. We are ready to tackle head-on the creativity blocks you may have in your kitchen with the food from your share. If you are ready to take this exciting journey into the mysterious world of “what will my share hold” each week, than the CSA is definitely for you.

If you’ve gotten this far, and are realizing that a CSA share may not be the best fit for you, that’s ok! We have another way for you to choose all the vegetables that fit with your meal planning and your lifestyle. Our Market Buck program allows you to pay $500 upfront that gives you $550 in credit towards everything in our store and at our farmers market stand. We want to involve you in any way we can with good, nutritious food that suits your needs!

Question #5: Are you willing to work towards using all of your CSA share?

Leaves, stems, roots, flowers. Everything in your box is edible!

Working towards the “no-waste” dream with your CSA share is no easy feat. We know that sometimes there is more food in your share than you know what to do with. Which isn’t a bad thing. This is true food bounty and we know that you can take your creative mind and use it all!

We also know that life sets in and sometimes the time it takes to prepare and use all of your share can be difficult. Don’t worry, figuring out the skills it takes to use your full CSA in the kitchen takes time and practice. What works for one person may not work for the next, so it is best to tailor your cooking and food preparations to your lifestyle.

QQuestion #6: Will you compare the value of your CSA share to a typical grocery store haul?

A CSA is no typical run to the grocery store. A CSA is more than just food.

We strive to add as much possible value to the investment you’ve made with us. The food we give you is full of a story. It contains a small journey, right inside it. From the hands that tucked the seeds into the soil, watched them germinate, watered them, weeded them, harvested them, and packed them each vegetable has a timeless connection back to our farmers at Rainshadow.

There is so much value in the connection to the land and the people who grew your food. So even though the upfront cost of a CSA seems daunting and taking the step to make the investment is scary, we want to ensure you get AS MUCH value and nourishment out of your share we can possibly give you!

Alright, did you pass?

Now that you’ve made it this far it is time to make the decision. Is our CSA program right for you?

If it is, you are choosing to change the way you eat forever. We commit to being with you every step of the way to give you tips, recommendations, recipes, and connect you with our farm and our CSA community.

And if the CSA isn’t quite right for you we still have so many ways for you to be involved with our farm. From our Market Bucks program, our Farmers Market, and our Farm Store, you will always have access to our meats, grains, and veggies!

If you feel ready to commit to a CSA share, visit:

All the best,

Rainshadow Organics Team