CSA Pickup – 7/8/20

We spent a lot of time in the land of kale this morning giving all of our plants a good pruning. If you are so inclined, this is a great week for kale as well as our other greens and salad mix. The summer weather continues to provide for us and things are looking happy and healthy across the farm. The 25 acre is becoming more and more verdant and lush and the 2 acre and hoops are feeling bountiful. The weeds are also coming on strong, but we are keeping them at bay. Included in this week’s CSA are hakurei turnips. These are bunched like radishes, but taste oh so different. Pearce, our farm manager, calls them the “apple of the spring” because they are so sweet and juicy. Below is a recipe for Maple Glazed Turnips and Carrots. Don’t forget to add the greens to something you are cooking too. They are mild and a great source of vitamin C, Folic Acid, and B vitamins.

Don’t forget your clean containers and various bags for things. We are going to continue the set-ups we did last week. We felt it was the best move for the times and appreciate your patience as things continue to evolve. It is always a pleasure to see your smiling eyes above your masks!

We would love to see some more of what you do with the veggies you take home in your CSA. Your culinary creations are inspiring for us on the farm and other CSA members. Feel free to post on our CSA Member Facebook Group.


Our Winter CSA is now open to current and past CSA members and our CSA waitlist. If you are thinking about eating locally with us this winter, now is the time to sign up. We will open up the Winter CSA to our larger community at the end of July. Just a reminder, there are only 80 shares available for the Winter CSA! Follow the link below to learn more about our winter CSA program and to join! It’s filling up fast.

We are hosting two more yoga classes on July 12th (this weekend!) and August 2nd! The weather is looking lovely, and we’ll be soaking in the sunshine while we center ourselves and stretch our bodies.

25% of the proceeds will be donated to Soul Fire Farm, an organization devoted to helping end racial injustices and disparities in the food system. We hope our Rainshadow community can contribute to food access and securtiy in all ways beyond Central Oregon.

Pre-regestration is required for this class, follow the link below to sign up!

Brunch is BACK. We hosted our first plated brunch this past weekend and Chef Travis continues to amaze! Check out our Event Calendar and get your tickets to future brunches. They are selling out fast and we would love to see you!

Thank you all for your continued support and smiling faces every Wednesday!

Rainshadow Organics Crew