Look at this awesome crew!  These folks, and a few not pictured here, have spent seven months at the farm.  They came to learn how to raise and prepare food and that is exactly what they did.  They have cultivated everything in your box and your boxes to come.  They have stewarded every ingredient, harvested it, washed and packed it into storage.  We will eat through the winter thanks to them.  This is their last harvest at this farm and its a pleasure that its a new beginning into a new season.  Winter is a hearty time and we’ve got the hearty goods.

We are particularly stoked that our harvest day was warm, clear, and calm.  The garden still had outdoor greens to offer, sweet from the cold nights of October.  And it all came out before the temperatures dropped last night.  The lettuce is in the bag!

You’ll find some great big carrots and beets, our only little parsnips of the season (had a bit of a crop failure there…), leeks, green onions, and our last harvest of fresh onions.  These onions have not been cured and should be used this month. We have cured onions and garlic coming later.  You’ll find our very own fingerling potatoes, which was a single off-type potato that we found five years ago and have been cultivating since.  We really need a name for this little guy, so please send ideas our way!!

You’ll also find spaghetti squash which makes an incredible replacement for actual pasta.  My fav this time of year.  Also the shortest storage variety.  We have some long storage varieties for the coming months.  And of course our tender greens.  Kale, salad mix, and lettuce heads.

I got a few requests for eggs and I have to say that November and December are our slowest months for eggs.  Chickens are very sensitive to day-length and as soon as we pass the Solstice their production declines precipitously.  We use this time to give them a break, let them molt, dust them, de-worm them, and move them into their winter house closer to the farm headquarters.

We would love for you all to share your baskets and what you do with them on social media. If you #rainshadoworganics it will get posted directly on our website.  Fame, people!  Lets share recipes and inspired culinary exploits with local ingredients.

Lastly, Thanksgiving is approaching!  We’ve still got a few turkeys available.  Head to the website and put a deposit down.  These guys are the pride of the farm and a wonderful centerpiece to your meal of thanks and bounty.  We’ll also be offering veggie extras during delivery so its a great way to make sure you’ve got the freshest organic ingredients for your meal.