As we near the end of August frost becomes something we watch out for all the time. My mom checks the weather every day and today I got a message, “Its going to be 32 tonight.” I am off to close the ten greenhouses with all of our favorite things in them…. Tomatoes, eggplants, peppers, zucchinis, cucumbers, winter squash, tomatillos, melons, etc…

I am very excited to have so much covered space this year and the possibility of harvesting the “hots” later than ever. The plastic won’t protect from deep freeze, just a few degrees, but sometimes that’s all you need until the end of September.
I have made a list and seed order of all the things to start next week for fall/winter planting in the greenhouses when these “hots” finally bite the dust in October. We are looking forward to winter greens and much more. More than ever! I am going to see what it looks like to eat from the farm year-round. I hope you’ll partake as well!

Last week we made pasta with Tall’s fresh milled flour. It was my first time, but so easy!!! We got a pasta maker from the thrift store, gathered some eggs, a bucket of flour and voila… pasta! Make yourself a pile of flour with a dent in it for three eggs… Crack the eggs into the dent, then whisk them carefully with a fork, slowly taking in flour from the edges. Before you know it, you can start to kneed the dough. You want to kneed it until it feels a little elastic… not wet or sticky at all, but it can’t break off if you pull on it. Then take a little ball and flatten it with your hands, put a little flour on the outside and send it through the pasta maker. Send it through a couple times until you get the desired thickness. We like “4”. Then shoot it through the cutter after you put a bit more flour on the outside of the “slab”. Hang it or throw it right in the pot! Amazing 😉 You’ll feel very Italian.