The three Cs of a Rainshadow Organics CSA

At Rainshadow we honor our commitment to farming and to community through our CSA programs that give you a choice in what and how you feed your family. As farmers in Central Oregon we feel a commitment towards the land and all its community members: the microbes in the soil and our guts, the native plants and animals that call the Central Oregon high desert home, and you.

photo credit: 29 NRTH & Kristin Wills

Community Supported Agriculture (CSA) is a way to bring fresh, organic produce, meats, and grains directly from our farm to your table each week. CSAs strive to develop an available local food supply, encourage land stewardship, and build a sense of community. A CSA consists of a community of individuals who pledge support to a farm operation so that the farmland becomes the community’s farm and the growers and consumers provide mutual support and share the risks and benefits of local food production.

In order to care for all these interlocking parts that make our whole, we practice organic, biodynamic, and regenerative farming. Our vegetables and grains are Certified Organic by Real Organic Project and the USDA, and we integrate regenerative and biodynamic practices alongside our certified organic practices. This means that we always strive to replace and increase the nutrients, microbes, and organic matter in our soil and that we do not use synthetic fertilizers or chemicals EVER for pest and weed control, and we NEVER grow GMOs.

Our animals live in wide open spaces on the farm and eat the diet they were meant to eat. Our cows are exclusively fed pasture and hay; our pigs get a mix of locally sourced GMO-free whole grain triticale, organic veggies, pasture, and alfalfa; and our chickens are fed certified organic Scratch and Peck feed as well as organic veggies and pasture. Both our dairy and meat cow herds graze on our cover crops and hay fields which allows their manure to go right back into the soil, increasing the organic matter and nutrients in the soil we farm, a total win!

Additionally, we don’t farm all our land, leaving ponds, juniper trees, ponderosas, willows, and other undisturbed parts of the desert for the wildlife. This ensures that all the birds, bees, mycorrhizal fungi, native flowers and trees, and other animals of Central Oregon still have safe places to live and food to eat.

These farming practices produce the nutrient dense food that our CSA members rely on, and we make sure that our CSA members have choices when it comes to making a decision about what CSA they need. We offer CSAs year round and members can customize their CSAs by choosing the size, type, pick up location, payment plan, and payment type that works for them. We also offer a market style Summer vegetable CSA so you get a choice in what you take home. No pre packed boxes here!

We believe everyone deserves access to nutrient dense, organic goods and partner with Pacific Northwest CSA Coalition to coordinate SNAP payments for our CSAs and to leverage the Oregon Double Up Food Bucks (DUFB) program to maximum benefit. This year, DUFB is matching up to 50% for vegetable only shares and covering the full vegetable portion of our meat and vegetable shares. You can find more information on SNAP/DUFB prices and how they work HERE.

Our CSA program allows us to remain a local business supporting the Central Oregon economy and community. A 2017 study in Central Oregon found that when a dollar was spent on a local food item, $0.76 remains in our local economy. Comparatively, each dollar spent on food from outside the region results in only $0.28 remaining in the local economy. Keeping these dollars here fuels jobs and profit, but it also helps to make our community more resilient to external economic forces.

The foundation, the purpose of Community Supported Agriculture, is community. Our support of each other, all members of this Central Oregon community, keeps our economy, the ecosystem, and ourselves healthy and whole.

Check out our Summer CSA options HERE.

Are you interested in a year-round Rainshadow CSA?

Our Full Diet CSA is a very special, very unique weekly CSA program that we offer to whole households. This CSA involves a year long commitment, mid-July through June, and must be picked up at the Farm Store. Your weekly share would include vegetables, meats, grains, dairy, and eggs with amounts and variety of each dependent upon the season. Payment is based on the number of people 3 years of age or older in your household. This CSA is paid weekly and we can take SNAP benefits, cash, check, or a credit card payment. You can sign up for the Summer CSA and then switch to Full Diet in July if it is a good fit for your family.

Photo Credit: Danielle Caruso

Our next set of events are here! 

We’ve created a wonderful lineup of events for the 2023 year. We are so excited to begin sharing this lineup with you that we are releasing January, February, March and even one dinner in June all at once today!

We’re doing this because our events make FABULOUS stocking stuffers. Give your loved ones the gift of local, seasonal cuisine and an experience they won’t soon forget.

Photo Credit: 29 NRTH

Brunch: Sundays at 11 am
January 29th

February 12th – Celebrate Valentine’s Day early by joining us for brunch 💕

March 12th
March 26th

Dinner: Begins at 6 pm

February 14th – Join us for an intimate evening celebrating Valentine’s Day ❤️

March 4th
March 17th
– St. Patty’s Day! Join us for a four course dinner featuring Corned Beef Hash and an included four course beer pairing.

Bonus! Our first summer dinner is being released as well.
This event will begin at 6 pm with appetizers in the garden followed by a tour prior to dinner.
June 24th

If you would like to make a weekend out of this event, we are offering a package which includes 6 dinner tickets and a two night stay at the Pitchfork T Ranch House. You can purchase this package by following this link. This is a great staycation.

photo credit: Noah Graber