Everything is happening!

What a joy! But also, wow! This is the moment where you step back and look at the year and say thanks for those slow, thoughtful winter moments. That time is fading into the rearview already! Because now the weeds are growing, plants need starting and transplanting and tending, hoops need to be opened and closed, and the irrigation water needs to get turned on and off and rotated. We are planting in the big field, the hoops, and the 2-acre. The tomatoes are planted in the tomato houses and all the peppers have been repotted into slightly larger pots. (They will go into the hoops in another couple weeks.) Truly, everything is now happening.

Thank goodness our new crop of Apprentice farmers began today! The arrival of the Apprentice signals a major shift around here. For the next couple weeks we will be training, teaching, and remembering what it is to work with more than the core crew of 5. Big change. And a very welcome one.

In fact, we start our summer farming season this week with their arrival. Interesting, because the first things we plant in our Summer farming season is … wait for it … winter storage vegetables. That is right, this week we plant next winter’s alliums (onions, shallots, and leeks) and potatoes. Crazy, right? Finish the winter CSA and start the next all in the same week.

photo credit: Sarahlee Lawrence, Natalie Leder, Melissa Harmon
It’s been busy! Sarahlee and Amanda planted our first succession of zucchini. The tomatoes are planted and all three houses are full! We moved our egg laying birds onto their summer pasture and they are psyched! If you ever want a bit of entertainment, come on out to the farm and just sit and watch the birds running around doing their thing! We repotted all of our hot and sweet peppers. That means moving roughly 2500 plants into bigger pots for about a month and then touching those same 2500 plants when we plant them. Farming is indeed a labor of love!

Veggie CSA

Siberian Kale
Salad Turnips
Asian Greens

Huckleberry Gold Potatoes

Meat CSA

Finishing the Winter CSA with all the flavors! Don’t forget to grab eggs!

Large Meat CSA

1 whole roasting chicken
1 beef chuck roast
1 package ground pork links (italian sausage, breakfast, bratwurst)
1 back bacon
+/- 1 package ground beef

Small Meat CSA

1 whole roasting chicken
1 package bacon

Nat taking a break in the garlic. This was officially the first crop of the 2024/25 Winter CSA season we planted, way back in October. Garlic scapes coming your way in a couple months!