Eat where you live – hyper local and organic – as intimate as food can be

Earth Day is an opportunity to contemplate how your actions support the earth: the atmosphere, the land, the animals, all of it. For us on the Farm, we like to think that our very being is in support of Earth Day every day.

Keeping our carbon footprint as low as possible is one of the main goals of how we farm.

  • We make most of our own soil amendments instead of sourcing them off farm.
  • We focus our farming techniques on sequestering carbon by supporting the mycorrhizal fungus in the soil and using responsible tilling practices.
  • We farm in a way that keeps pests and weeds at bay (lots of weeding by hand, rotating crops, and tending) and never ever do we use any chemicals (those bad -cides) which are mostly sourced from petroleum.

Equally as important: how we sell what we farm. We sell only within a 50 mile radius. We serve you, people who live in Central Oregon. This means we don’t have to blow all that carbon to get our food to markets and, because you source your groceries from us, you are cutting down your carbon footprint. The meats, vegetables, grains, eggs, pickles, etc. are all born and raised in Central Oregon. You purchase them in Central Oregon and enjoy them in Central Oregon. So many options, tiny little footprint.

Our Full Diet CSA has perhaps the biggest carbon footprint savings. This CSA, our flagship CSA, is a year round CSA based upon household size where you too can eat like a farmer: seasonally, locally, and with intention and integrity.

As a Full Diet member, you can source up to 100% of your diet right here from the farm: certified organic vegetables; certified organic wheat, corn, and buckwheat flour milled on site, dried beans, and Tibetan Black Barley; pastured chickens and pigs; regeneratively grazed, grass fed and finished Pitchfork T Beef; raw milk; eggs; and honey. All the ingredients one needs, all sourced essentially right next door.

Your commitment to eating locally and seasonally is a powerful choice. A choice that supports your overall health and wellness through nutrient dense food while also supporting our Earth every day.

Happy Earth Day everyone! May you continue to be conscious consumers feeding yourselves and supporting the planet one delicious bite at a time.

photo credit: Christine Lawrence
The golden light of sunset caressing the 25-acre. Sarahlee is discing the first
round of weeds into the soil, and the dairy herd is grazing. 

Example Full Diet Shares

photo credit: Danielle Caruso
Example shares from (clockwise from upper left) June, August, Winter
(November-March), and April. Weekly shares include meat, raw milk, eggs,
vegetables, and grains!

Looking for a Summer Only CSA?

We still have space in our 20 week Summer CSA! Our weekly Summer CSA is great for folks who want to eat locally grown and harvested meats and vegetables and starts in just over 3 months. Sign up today, spaces are filling up! CSA starts in just under a month! Sign up today!

Salty Debby is doing a spring Salmon Run

We are excited to welcome Keree Smith back to Central Oregon. Originally from Mt. Hood, Keree now owns and operates a 32ft gillnet boat in Bristol Bay Alaska, home of the World’s Largest Wild Sockeye Salmon run. She will be swinging through Central Oregon at the end of May with the highest quality sockeye salmon fillets on the market. Learn more about Keree, her fish and what she offers on her website HERE.

Spring Sale

10lb Tote of Fillets: $160
Approximately 6-7 Fillets.

10lb Tote of Fillets: $160
Approximately 6-7 Fillets.

Central Oregon Delivery Dates and Locations:

Madras: May 22, 10a-11a
Madras Municipal Airport

Madras: May 22, 10a-11a
Madras Municipal Airport

Bend: May 22, 4p-5p
Pioneer Park

photo credit: Alison Holland
Flash back to last summer when Cami was feeding and taking care of our worms. The
worms live in here and we take their castings and then turn the castings into a tea that we
feed our plants. Hyper local soil amendments!