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Spring greens everywhere!


Everything is happening! What a joy! But also, wow! This is the moment where you step back and look at the year and say thanks for those slow, thoughtful winter moments. That time is fading into the rearview already! Because now the weeds are growing, plants need starting and transplanting and tending, hoops need

Eat where you live


Eat where you live – hyper local and organic – as intimate as food can be Earth Day is an opportunity to contemplate how your actions support the earth: the atmosphere, the land, the animals, all of it. For us on the Farm, we like to think that our very being is in support

April CSA 2020


April CSA 2020 We are reaching the true end of winter! The storage crops are dwindling and the spring greens are just beginning to establish themselves. This time of year is always a time of reflection, sharing gratitude for the crops that have lasted the longest

Caprese Chicken


Whisk me off to Italy, and never bring me back! Here is a hearty rendition of a classic salad, and a lovely way to keep summer going. Ingredients:1.5 lbs. Chicken (I love thighs)8 oz. Fresh mozzarella1 cup loosely packed basil (3 or 4 large leaves per thigh)8 oz tomato (cherry or sliced)Salt and

Frost and the Cellar

2018-10-25T00:17:50-08:00The Farm|

As these clear October nights dip into the teens, the team at Rainshadow Organics hustles to put food up for winter.  They have pickled, sauced, jammed, and fermented since mid-July.  Their farm store shelves are full from floor to ceiling. The pastured pork, beef, and chicken fills the freezers.  The wheat, corn, and


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