Classic American Stew


Classic American Stew Classic American Stew. I spent the winters of my childhood going to deer camp with my parents. It was quite the two week to-do. We had an old canvas military tent that sort of resembled a yurt, complete with a wood stove inside. Something always bubbling in a cast iron

Jamaican Curry Chicken


Jamaican Curry Chicken Snow is in the forecast all week. The air is crisp, with a sparkly white blanket of the fluffy stuff outside as I type. Many feel warm this time of year with all holidays, hot toddies, and fuzzy slippers, but I prefer the warmth of the tropics.

West Coast Pozole


West Coast Pozole I don’t care if it is 95 degrees out, I love pozole. I will sit in the heat and sweat it out with hot, spicy, unctuous pork broth, topped with crisp cold vegetables and herbs. I get respect when I’m in Mexico because I’ll order any rendition with

Sourdough Savoury Scones


Sourdough Savoury Scones Customer Appreciation Day: Saturday, 10/24 I am pretty sure that scones are the king of confections… or, maybe biscuits… or all you Central Oregonians might say the Ocean Roll from Sparrow Bakery, and fight me if I were to suggest anything else. Well, since we can’t fight

Classic Autumn Bolognese


Classic Autumn Bolognese Customer Appreciation Day: Saturday, 10/24 Okay, since it’s Halloween, I begrudgingly concede to autumn. As summer melts away, everything starts to smell and look like a pumpkin spice latte, and I am pretty sure I saw a Christmas tree up in someone’s window. Since I don’t

Deconstructed Ratatouille


Deconstructed Ratatouille Customer Appreciation Day: Saturday, 10/24 Tonight will be the first freeze here in Central Oregon… (maybe just Bend?) and I am so sad to see the beautiful weather go. When warm summer off-the-vine tomatoes stop, is life even worth living, you say? Surprisingly, yes! (speculation). There is so

Grilled Fried Rice


Grilled Fried Rice And here is another installment of “Don’t toss it out! Toss it up!” People always throw away radish greens, and it makes me sad because they are tender, spicy, sweet, and a perfect compliment to any dish as a radish would be. I

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