Month of Love and Babies


photo credit: Alison Holland Baby Peas and baby chicks as big as your hand. The month of love and...babies Something about that just does make sense, even if the timing is a bit off ;) We are at the tipping point. Calves are being born. Momma pigs are swelling up.

Two Winters


photo credit: Melissa Harmon January, a tale of two winters Wow, January started out so pleasant, really too pleasant, as we saw you all early in the month for your CSA pick up. There was no snow on the ground. We were all starting to get

November CSA is Here


photo credit: Melissa Harmon Winter is here and so is the start of our CSA! Dang, and just like that it gets so cold that we can finally accept that winter is here. After almost an entire month living on borrowed time, just waiting for the temperatures to drop and the

Thanks for a great summer


This week, our newsletter is written by Sarahlee Our head honcho, farmer with the plan, owner and vision master Where are you from? I've lived on the farm my entire life. Why Rainshadow? Because of the way this land gathers energy. It's magnetic. What do you hope to learn at the farm this season?

First Frosts


News from the Farm: Oh, wow, only two more CSAs left in our 2023 20-week Summer CSA. This will be the last week that we see our Meat Only CSA members and this will be the last meat pick up for our Meat & Veggie members. That means that next week is our last

What is the value of a CSA?


What is the value of a CSA? There is the economic value wrapped up in choosing to spend your money on a CSA share from Central Oregon. A 2017 study in Central Oregon found that for every dollar spent on a local food product, $0.76 stayed in the community. Comparatively, each dollar spent on

Take a lesson from the pigs!


Every other week or so the farmers will write the Sunday CSA letter. This will bring a different tone and story to your inbox and come even closer to telling the full story of the diversity that is Rainshadow Organics.  This week, our newsletter is written by Noah our Livestock Manager and Lead Miller

Get your pickle on


A note of gratitude Wow, this smoke is tenacious, that is for damn sure. And, what with the season, the wind, and all the things out of our control, there is no knowing how it will be at any given moment now until the late fall/early winter brings some rain. While we are personally


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