Get your pickle on


A note of gratitude Wow, this smoke is tenacious, that is for damn sure. And, what with the season, the wind, and all the things out of our control, there is no knowing how it will be at any given moment now until the late fall/early winter brings some rain. While we are personally

Yod-Fah fah-ever


Every other week or so the farmers will write the Sunday CSA letter. This will bring a different tone and story to your inbox and come even closer to telling the full story of the diversity that is Rainshadow Organics.  This week, our newsletter is written by Amanda one of our Apprentice

the tsunami is coming


News from the Farm: the tsunami is coming A tsunami?!? Aren't we well enough away from the coast? Yes, if the tsunami we were talking about was made of water. But, instead we are referring to the vegetable tsunami that comes in mid-to-late July. And just like people describe the coast zone in those


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