The subject of this Farmer Field day is Rainshadow’s 2022 SARE grant project: ” Determining if Comfrey Fermented Plant Juice is a viable alternative to traditional purchased fertilizers.”  Fermented Plant Juice is a preparation of plant material that is grown on our farm and fermented in water for a period of time to extract the nutrients from that plant material and encourage microbial growth.  Originating from a system of farming principles called Korean Natural Farming, FPJ is reminiscent of compost tea which will be more familiar to many.  The goal of our experiment is to determine if the Comfrey FPJ is a viable alternative to traditional organic fertilizers, such as Perfect Blend (TM), which we use as a comparison in our experiment.  If you are interested in learning more, including how to make Comfrey FPJ and our preliminary results, please attend.

3 course Farm to table lunch with the Rainshadow Grant team
Grant/Farm tour