WHOLESALE OPTIONS For our chef friends, please contact us to get on our weekly wholesale update.  We deliver to Bend, Sisters and Redmond weekly and we work with Agricultural Connections for additional deliveries.  Spring is the time to request specific varieties for your needs as well as setting butcher dates for whole pigs for events […]

Community Supported Agriculture

brassicas with barn

Community Supported Agriculture (CSA) is a way to bring fresh, organic produce, meats, and grains directly from our farm to your table each week.  CSA’s strive to develop an available local food supply, encourage land stewardship, and build a sense of community. A CSA consists of a community of individuals who pledge support to a farm […]

Flour, Flowers, Eggs, and Books

king with tractor

We raise a hard red spring wheat that we grind into flour with a granite stone mill.  This whole-grain product is a super food and  can be used in your favorite baking recipes. We sell the flour in 2 pound bags for $4.  It is meant to be bought regularly and used within two weeks […]

Farmer’s Market

Rainshadow can be found at Farmer’s Markets around Central Oregon throughout the summer.

Bend, Oregon: Downtown from 3pm-7pm each Wednesday
Sisters, Oregon: 2pm-5pm each Friday.

These Farmer’s Markets are also pick-up locations for our CSA.

The Market CSA Membership:  This will be a $600 up-front payment that will get you $660 “Rainshadow Bucks” that you can spend on anything you want, from meats, grains, and vegetables on the public side of the market tent. You can come any time and any week you would like to Sisters and Bend.  This options helps us as farmers when we need your commitment the most and makes things much more flexible for you.  Concentrate on getting what you want, while still trying some new items.

The Farm

  • AtTheTable1LR

    Dedicated to Local Fare

    Thank you all so much for your commitment to local food and for choosing to eat ours.  We appreciate you so much.  It is such an honor to grow your food! Thank you also for showing up to get your food and for communicating any changes on your end.  Very helpful! While we can’t give […]

  • planting pepper

    Rogue Farm Corps

    On any given day there’s visible growth at Rainshadow and its one reason the land lends itself to learning on many levels. Past years have brought on expansive increases in annual/perennial growing area as well as an array of diverse groups collaborating in events on and off the farm. As of just a couple moons […]

  • IMG_20160616_181912

    The Mythic Central Oregon

    What is the word for the smell of growth and decomposition at the same time?  I thought it was Fecund.  This only describes abundance.  Today we are reeling from the swift snatch of our tender crops.  We lost 25 acres of beans, squash, corn, potatoes, and basil last night to a deep dip to 26 […]

  • spring farm 2015

    Summer Segue

          June 1 ushers in a new market season and our Summer CSA, both of which are sure to be loaded with your favorite fresh produce. We have two greenhouses teeming with tomato transplants ready to reach those dormant tastebuds reserved for summer’s best. While our little tomato friends mature, we invite you […]

  • IMG_0388

    Spring: Turn the Dirt

                  This is the time of year that the earth digests its cover crops and composts so that nutrients can be available for our summer crops.  Organic farming takes time.  We don’t give our crops a shot of chemicals to grow.  We depend on our soil, and the billions […]

  • IMG_4430

    Sign up for 2016 CSA!! 5% off until April 1st

    We’re heading into our seventh season farming here in Central Oregon!  The crop plan has been made and seeds have been arriving in the mail.  We’ve already seeded our first waves of carrots, radishes, onions, leeks, lettuce, kale, spinach, chard, asian greens, and mache.  Its time to make your commitment to eating all the good […]

  • IMG_4834

    February Harvest

    Central Oregon sunshine is the best… for growing stuff.  These classic clear, cold, nights and brilliant days are just fine for our cold hardy veggies.  We showed up to everything frozen solid this morning and by lunch, everything was thawed and spritzed and packed for our hardy winter CSA members.  Arugula, two different kinds of […]

  • IMG_8725

    Collective thoughts for January CSA

    Hello winter CSA members, Wonderful to see you all yesterday.  Thank you for making it to the drops on time and hauling home the deepest winter goods.  Storing food and raising food in the winter is a real trick, and the CSA becomes a true adventure.  Sometimes in variety, but more often in salvage. We’ve […]

  • Purple Vikings.  Best potato ever.

    FREE POTATOES SATURDAY 10.24.15 FROM 10am-Noon.

    Dear Friends of Rainshadow! We’ve gotten better at growing potatoes!  Three years ago we lost our potatoes to a deep freeze in December and gave away 50 tons to the community on New Year’s Day.  Since then we’ve worked on our local relationships with restaurants, grocery stores and families to grow and store a year-round […]

  • spring farm 2015

    The Season is already changing

    Seasonal, local food comes in waves.  We’ve been delivering our summer CSA shares to Farmer’s Market for a month now and we’re already moving out of spring crops and into pre-summer crops.  Some things are behind us until fall.  Some things stick around all summer and the choices become more bountiful. Our first waves of […]


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